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Southern Health Association Orientation 1 10/1/2012.

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1 Southern Health Association Orientation 1 10/1/2012

2 What is the Southern Health Association? The Southern Health Association (known as SHA) is a non-profit, regional organization representing persons throughout the southeastern states who are interested in public health. The SHA MISSION is to serve as the regional advocate for public health and for the development and growth of its leadership. 2

3 SHA History The Southern Health Association (SHA) had its original beginning as the Southern Branch of the American Public Health Association (APHA*). *APHA builds a collective voice for public health, working to ensure access to health care, protect funding for core public health services and eliminate health disparities, among a myriad of other issues. 3

4 SHA Purpose To serve as the regional advocate for public health and to serve as a facilitator for the development and growth of public health leadership. To foster and stimulate a greater degree of scientific effort in the protection and improvement of public health, and to bring about a better understanding, integration and promotion of public health services. 4

5 What SHA is all about... SHA is a strong supporter of public health issues on the state, regional and national levels. SHA holds an annual meeting jointly with one of its affiliate state public health associations. Leadership for SHA is provided through a Governing Council composed of elected officers, a representative from each affiliate state, members- at-large, and committee chairmen. 5

6 SHA Membership SHA is made up of affiliate members (state associations) as well as individual members. Currently SHA has 7 affiliate members: Alabama Kentucky Arkansas North Carolina Florida South Carolina Georgia 6

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8 Benefits of SHA Membership Membership in SHA provides unique opportunities to : Learn of legislative trends which affect public health. Meet new people and establish new friendships. Attend other State Public Health Association meetings to learn what problems are being faced and to share successes from your home state. Network with colleagues from neighboring states and discuss health related efforts and projects. Be a part of an organization that has consistently produced strong leaders. 8

9 SHA Structure SHA has a Constitution and set of By – Laws to assist with the operation of the Association. The Constitution outlines Standing Committees to carry out the business of the Association. These committees are: Audit; Awards; Constitution and By-Laws; Membership and Eligibility; Nominations; Operations, Functions, and Objectives (COFO); Public Information; Public Policy and Resolutions, and the Annual Meeting Steering Committee. 9

10 SHA Governing Council The Council is the ruling body of the association. The Council establishes policies, determines fiscal practices and manages the general affairs of the Association. The Governing Council is made up of the Executive Committee members, three At-Large Members, the standing committee chairmen, the immediate past president, and an affiliate representative from each state member and the American Public Health Association liaison. The Governing Council generally meets twice a year. 10

11 Executive Committee The Executive Committee is composed of the following offices: President President-Elect Immediate Past President First Vice President Secretary Treasurer 11

12 Additional Offices A 2 nd Vice President is appointed by the Governing Council each year to direct and coordinate all plans and arrangements for the current years Annual Meeting. A 3 rd Vice President is an officer appointed by the State Association hosting the Annual Meeting for the following year. These positions are filled by a member of the Host State and are not members of the Executive Council. 12

13 Executive Committee The Executive Committee conducts any business matters of the Association that occurs between Governing Council meetings Develops and administers personnel policies for the Association Acts as trustee for all property of the Association Reports all actions taken to the Governing Council. 13

14 Examples of legislative support List some of the note worthy issues supported by SHA through resolutions: Diabetes awareness and prevention Non-smoking/Tobacco tax Bicycle helmet and safety Childhood obesity reduction and prevention Seat belt safety and legislation Interpersonal violence (Domestic Violence) reduction and prevention 14

15 How to get the most out of your SHA Membership: Attend meetings to meet peers and colleagues from other states (networking) Participate on workgroups and committees Talk to your State Association SHA representative for information about events and committee work Read the quarterly newsletters (available online) Utilize the SHA website: Connect with SHA on Facebook 15

16 Thank you for joining SHA. We hope you will become an active participant with us in promoting leadership in public health ! How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world. ~ Anne Frank (1929-1945); Diarist Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean. ~ Rvunosuke Satoro 16

17 Public Health Leadership Strengthening public health means that we need to inspire, we need to explain, we need to communicate. We need to create a commitment to change and spelling out the health challenges powerfully and imaginatively helps to create that impetus. Some of the great public health leadership of the past which connected directly with the public and which could influence policy makers is not there in great plenty in today's world, yet it is needed just as badly. ~ Sir Liam Donaldson 17

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