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Peter Mucklow & David Clayton Education Funding Agency.

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1 Peter Mucklow & David Clayton Education Funding Agency

2 High Needs Funding Update Peter Mucklow Director for Young People Education Funding Agency

3 Reflection on 2013/14

4 Outturn for 2013/14  20k places in post schools provision  3,250 of these places were at ISPs  Compares to 3,200 places in 2012/2013  Total programme costs, element 2 funding and bursary funding for these places was £35.9m

5 Transitional Protection  Reduction in LA-commissioned HNS placements compared to 2012/2013 academic year funded at 100% of the institution’s 2012/13 EFA average funding rate  Paid in two instalments in September 2013 and February 2014  Will review full year recruitment data and inform ISPs of any adjustments/recoveries to be made between July and November 2014

6 Transitional Protection  Protected 260 places in 28 ISPs costing £12.7m  34 ISPs did not receive transitional protection  30 ISPs increased their places between 2012/13 and 2013/14 and in total this equated to 310 places.  Places at 4 ISPs remained the same

7 Key Issues  Understanding and communication between LAs and institutions  Large variation in LA readiness and approaches – limited use of national contracts or of cross-LA approaches  Delays with commissioning and contracting for places  Some LAs bore down on course duration, content and costs

8 What we did in-year  Improved communications with the sector and LAs –Improved information on the EFA high needs funding pageEFA high needs funding page –Created high needs funding – additional information documenthigh needs funding – additional information document  Adopted a national monitoring approach –Focussed on local intelligence –LA risk rating re contracting and commitment to funding places  Intervened –Territorial and national involvement with LAs –Brokering relationships between LAs and institutions

9 Lessons for 14/15  Set clearer expectations earlier to LAs  Clear timetables for contracting and payments  Need to continue national monitoring  Some LAs will not comply and if unreasonable we should use powers available to intervene

10 Discussion /Questions

11 Academic year 2014/15 and onwards

12 Academic year 2014/15  Places for 2014/2015 –Allocated 22 000 post-16 places to non-schools institutions –Allocated 3100 places to ISPs for the academic year 2014/15.  Exceptional submissions –Received 21 exceptional submissions from institutions –In the moderation, 67 additional places agreed and 29 places removed –In total 38 additional places at cost of £439k additional funding for element 1 and 2

13 Academic year 2014 to 2015  Top up funding –Much closer match between agreed LA student numbers post-schools and high needs DSG –Higher proportion of total high needs funding paid to institutions through place funding as numbers now more real  Transitional Protection –For 2014/15, Transitional Protection will be paid at 80% for each place not commissioned by LAs compared 12/13

14 Setting expectations  Published expectations for LA decisions: –Decision on placement by 31 May; –Contract signed with institution by 30 June; –Student starts by 30 Sept; –First payment by 31 Oct (where monthly payment agreed).  We will keep the position under review and consider whether any further conditions of DSG grant should be made regarding timings for 2015 to 2016

15 Academic year 2015/16

16 Children and Families Act  Royal Assent to Children and Families Act  The Children and Families Act means, from September 2014, new regulations and a revised 0-25 SEN Code of Practice will be phased in  New rights for young people and their parents  Education Health and Care plan from September 2014 can name an institution

17 Funding approach  Intention is a lagged system for most places based on data collected from 2013/14 and 2014/15. –Flags already included in ILR but clarification needed –Flags will be included in the school census from 2014  Discussion around simplification of the system for ISPs  Opportunity for LAs and institutions to change pattern of places for expected substantial changes to provision  Transitional protection will not be paid for 2015/16

18 Discussion /Questions

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