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Cyber-bullying Why We are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change.

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2 Cyber-bullying Why We are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change

3 Bullying Defined Any act that is intended to cause physical or emotional harm to another person. Any behavior that is done intentionally to inflict pain, suffering or humiliation to another person.

4 Cyber-bullying Defined Cyber bullying consists of sending or posting cruel messages, photos, or videos on the Internet or other electronic media with the intent of damaging the reputation of the target.

5 Examples of Cyber-bullying Types of cyber-bullying include but are not limited to: Flaming (sending angry or vulgar messages). Creating web sites that have stories, cartoons, or pictures that mock others. They may ask peers to rate their physical attractiveness or other things.

6 Further Examples… Impersonating another by breaking into his or her online account and sending vicious or embarrassing material to others. Tricking someone into revealing sensitive personal information, and electronically forwarding that information to others.

7 How Does it Differ from Regular Bullying? Cyber-bullying has the unique ability to circulate through your school, your town and the entire world with a click of a button to quickly create severe and irrevocable harm.

8 How do Boys Bully? Physically Pull down pants Push, shove, trip

9 How Do Girls Bully? Silent Treatment Exclusion Gossip Spread rumors Tell each other who to be/not be friends with

10 The Underlying/ Root Cause of Bullying Insecurity When we feel good inside, about ourselves- we want others to feel good. We can’t help but lift others up, and spread a good feeling. When we feel bad inside, sometimes we lash out and put others down to try to make ourselves feel better by putting others down

11 Sexting Sending nude or promiscuous photos via text message, cell phone or internet. Any nude/naked photograph taken of a person under 18 years of age is considered Child Pornography. Sending these images to someone is against the law, and consequently can lead to very serious consequences.

12 The Effects of Bullying on Others Victims of Bullying often experience: Depression Low self-esteem. A drop in grades. Suicidal thinking or attempts

13 Cyber-bullying and Suicide There is now a proven link between cyber-bullying and suicide.

14 Making a Difference Decide that you will be a part of the solution, not the problem. Be willing to take action to stand up to bullying, support victims, communicate concern for others to a trusted adult

15 Silent Reflection Have any of my actions, attitude, or behaviors been intentionally mean or hurtful to someone else. If so, Why? Was I trying to get attention? Make others laugh? Try to fit in?

16 Silent Reflection Think about what words, actions attitudes or behaviors you have done or could do to help lift someone up, make someone feel important, included, loved.

17 What you can do Know what bullying looks like- from teasing to put downs. Be willing to stand up against bullying and support those being bullied. Know where bullying stems from- insecurity Don’t minimize or laugh it off as “funny”, or “we were just joking”

18 Spread the Love Spread, Love, Peace and Happiness, Connection

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