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The Physics of Mark Dobbins, Mike Grayson, Jennifer Burton

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1 The Physics of Mark Dobbins, Mike Grayson, Jennifer Burton

2 What is a BattleBot? A remote controlled combat robot Remote control Internal power Movement mechanisms Protective mechanisms Weapons

3 Weight Weight is an essential part of the BattleBot which defines what other bots it will face. Weight Class (lbs)MinMax Lightweight3060 Middleweight60120 Heavyweight120220 Super Heavyweight220340 Every pound counts –Power Supply –Motors –Wheels –Armor –Weapons –Nuts & Bolts

4 Control Handheld Transmitter Internal Receiver Internal Logic Connections to Motors

5 Innovation First, Inc. Robot Controls Operator Interface –Switches and Joysticks Radio Modem –900 MHz radio signal –19200 bps FRC Robot Controller –Data from Operator Interface and Onboard Sensors –Internal microcontroller with some user programming capabilities

6 Power Internal Batteries –Lead-Acid batteries are required to be “leak- proof” Battery “Hold-Downs” Wiring and Fuses Strong wire connections Fuel-Powered Engines are sometimes used in place of electric motors

7 Judging Competition A bot that is immobilized looses the match. Points are awarded for: –Aggression –Strategy –Damage

8 Weapons Inflict maximum damage without self- destructing –Cut –Smash –Lift –Throw Weapons can be: –Gasoline powered –Electric –Pneumatic –Hydraulic.

9 Saw Weapons Most effective saws are gas-powered (more kick) and are horizontally mounted Blades can be easily damaged by a side impact if mounted vertically Does very little damage

10 Spinning Disc Weapons Often confused with saw weapons, but work on a different principle Builds up kinetic energy and delivers it in one fast blow –A combination of high rpm and a large diameter, which generate very fast speeds on the outer perimeter –But for every action there is a reaction, so you had better have a sturdy system to absorb or allow for shock on your bot as well.

11 “Scorpion” or Spike Weapons A spike must retract and eject with a great deal of speed. Usually powered by pneumatics Frequent use causes the expanding air to cool in the cylinder. Later strikes have less force. (pv=nrt) An ejection mechanism can also be achieved using a winch and some large springs to store the energy

12 Flipping Weapons Some bots can be incapacitated when flipped upside down Some bots are invertible and can only be damaged, not incapacitated, by flipping weapons. Pneumatics or linear actuators are usually used to power flipping devices.

13 Clamp Weapons allow a bot to grab onto and control the opponent and perhaps lift it off the ground as well, or use an arena hazard to damage it. getting hold of the opponent when they are moving around and attacking is harder than it sounds

14 Drill Weapons Drills can do quite a bit of damage but they probably take too long to be effective under most circumstances

15 Types of Movement  Wheels (taken from remote control cars)  Single ball (works like non- optical mouse)  Walkers (fallen out of style because of ineptitude)  Tread (like army vehicles)

16 Defensive tactic #1 Little to no ground clearance Curtains Edges close to the ground to prevent flipping Disadvantage –Makes it harder to maneuver. –Not 100 percent effective.

17 Defensive Tactic #2 Speed or Agility Advantage: run from competitor and its weapons Disadvantage: not enough mass for impact with competitor.

18 Defensive Tactic #3 Strength: more mass Advantage: able to overpower the offense Disadvantage: dynamic stability takes a hit, less agility

19 Defensive Tactic #4 Armor Plating All battlebots have it to some degree Protects the electronics There is an inverse relationship between material used and dynamic stability

20 Skills No matter what defensive precautions are taken, skill is what really matters The best BattleBot could lose if run by a bad tactician or uneducated person.

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