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Center City Development Office Brownfields Program.

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1 Center City Development Office Brownfields Program

2 What are Brownfields? Brownfields are abandoned or underutilized properties where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination. Examples may include: abandoned gas stations, dry cleaning facilities, junkyards, old car dealerships, old factories, landfills, etc. There are an estimated 450,000 brownfields nationwide.

3 Where are Contaminants? Leaking underground petroleum storage tanks Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and other Toxins being used as Fill Materials Groundwater contamination from metal processing facilities Runoff from illegal dumping sites Former landfills

4 Potential Brownfields in San Antonio Friedrich Building 2300 Frio City Rd 10511 Wetmore 7819 Piper’s Creek 3331 Roosevelt

5 The Brownfields Impact Potential threats to human health and the environment Social Increased urban sprawl and inner city blight Decreased property values and city tax revenues Economic Environment

6 Benefits of Brownfields Redevelopment Protect the Environment Revitalize Communities Create Jobs Increases local tax revenue Remove blight Each $1 invested leverages $18.00 in redevelopment

7 San Antonio’s Brownfields Program POLICY STATEMENT: It is the policy of the City of San Antonio to identify and facilitate redevelopment of brownfield properties that inhibit or delay the positive development of the city and the prosperity of its citizens.

8 PROGRAM GOALS Foster a value of environmental stewardship in preparing properties for development. Improve health and safety in communities impacted by brownfields. Redevelop challenging sites into community assets. Remove blighted land and properties. Support the adopted Mission Verde plan.


10 Actions to Date Developed a City Brownfields Program Created Brownfields Program Technical Team comprised of 10 City Departments Created an Inventory of Potential Brownfield Sites Created a Brownfields Inventory Evaluation System Developed an Outreach and Education Strategy

11 Actions to Date (Continued) Create an incentive tool kit specific to brownfields redevelopment for both assessment and cleanup activities and project development. – Environmental Activities Technical Assistance Environmental Assessments Environmental Clean-up Redevelopment Planning – Project Development Chapter 380 Grants Tax Abatements City Fee Waivers Tax Increment Financing Community Development Block Grants

12 Status and Next Steps Outreach and Education Efforts to Property Owners & Developers – Sent letters to owners of properties that scored high in Evaluation System – Meet to discuss environmental issues, redevelopment plans, and incentives – Promote infill development tools and new Housing Incentive Policy – Help connect brownfields stakeholders with Federal and State regulators and project funders. Outreach and Education Results – Staff facilitated a $5,000 Phase I Environmental Assessment Grant from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for AVANCE, a local education nonprofit organization – Staff is working with other property owners that responded to letters, by providing technical assistant on their re- development projects – Staff has standing meetings with other city departments to review city owned property that may be a candidate for the Program

13 Community Outreach and Education Opportunities Presentations to Neighborhood Association and Residents Presentations to Business Groups, Government Entities, and Non- Profit Organizations Neighborhood Planning Efforts Neighborhood groups and individuals can help us identify more sites through our interactive brownfields mapping tool.

14 Interactive Brownfields Mapping Tool

15 Questions? Jonah Katz Senior Planner 207-3907

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