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Finance and Tax Agenda Finance and Tax Policy Budget and Finance Administration Appropriations Federal Issues Additional Issues.

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1 Finance and Tax Agenda Finance and Tax Policy Budget and Finance Administration Appropriations Federal Issues Additional Issues

2 Finance and Tax Policy TABOR – SB 2420, House Committee PCB FTC 10-13 –Proposed an amendment to the State Constitution to limit state revenues and require voter approval of new taxes and fees. –FAC OPPOSED this legislation. –Bill failed. Working Waterfront Property – SB 346, SB 1408, HB 0073, HB 7127 –Specifies properties that are eligible for classification as working waterfront property. Requires property appraisers to consider specified factors in assessing certain property. –FAC supports implementing legislation authorizing defined properties to be assessed by factors other than highest and best use. –Bills failed.

3 Finance and Tax Policy Tourist Development Tax ( – HB 1241, SB 2436 –Provides definitions relating to tourist development tax & tourist impact tax, transient rentals tax & convention development tax, & municipal resort tax; provides separate statement of tax requirements on various documents. –Bills failed. Streamlined Sales Tax – SB 94, HB 1083 –Urges the Congress of the United States to enact legislation to authorize states that have complied with the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement to require out-of-state sellers to collect each such state's sales and use tax. –FAC supports Florida’s participation in the Streamlined Sales Tax Compact to require remote vendors to collect and remit Florida’s state and local option sales tax. –Bills failed.

4 Finance and Tax Policy Non-Homestead Assessment Cap – SB 1254, HB 655 –Proposes amendments to the State Constitution to reduce from 10 percent to 5 percent the limitation on annual assessment increases applicable to non-homestead real property, provide an additional homestead exemption for new owners of homestead property and application and limitations with respect thereto. –Bills failed. Residential Property Assessments – SB 1410, SB 1380, HB 151 –Defines the term "renewable energy source device." Prohibits a property appraiser from considering the installation and operation of a renewable energy source device in determining the assessed value of residential property. –Bills failed.

5 Budget and Finance Administration County Budget Process – SB 690, HB 7195 –Deletes a time restriction on preparing and presenting a tentative county budget. –FAC supports providing greater accountability and transparency of county finances, including constitutional officers, in a cost efficient manner. –Bills failed. Clerk of Courts – SB 1454 –Provides that interest on county funds invested by the clerk of the court is income of the office of the clerk. –FAC supports preserving Board of County Commission authority to determine financial responsibilities as it relates to financial management and post-audit functions. –Bill failed. 911 Fees – SB 1202, HB 163 –Deletes an obsolete provision relating to a study of the feasibility of collecting a fee for prepaid wireless service. –FAC the most effective and efficient method of implementation of the collection of 911 fees on wireless pre-paid calling cards. –Bill passed

6 Appropriations Conservation Use Property Tax Assessment Classification –FAC supports full funding for the legislative commitment to offset the impact of the constitutional amendment on fiscally constrained counties. –$2,791,000 appropriation Small County Technical Assistance (SCTAS) –FAC supports restoring state funding to the SCTAS program, which has provided essential technical assistance to Florida’s small counties for more than a decade. FAC also supports moving the SCTAS program to the Department of Community Affairs. –No appropriation. Inland Protection Trust Fund –FAC supports restoring funding to the Inland Protection Trust Fund (IPTF) for the statewide cleanup of petroleum contamination. This program is a highly successful public-private partnership that protects groundwater and public water supplies. Cuts to the petroleum cleanup program have been detrimental to the economy, affecting local governments and the private sector, and have severely limited the cleanup of contaminated properties. –$120,000,000 appropriation.

7 Federal Issues Three (3%) Percent Withholding Tax on County Purchases – SB 2254 –FAC supports repealing requirement for counties beginning in 2011 to withhold federal taxes on payments for services or products. –Bill failed.

8 Additional Issues “Jobs in Florida” Bill – SB 1752 –Requires an agency or entity that receives county funds for economic development purposes pursuant to a contract to submit a report on the use of the funds. Authorizes counties and municipalities to extend economic development ad valorem tax exemptions under certain circumstances. –Bill passed.

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