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Irish Coast Guard Local Authority oil spill Contingency Plans.

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1 Irish Coast Guard Local Authority oil spill Contingency Plans

2 Coast Guard co-ordinates the response to marine casualty incidents within the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone The zone is a resource of high value in terms of ecological and socio economic use

3 Usual Phases of Response Search & Rescue Coast Guard Dealing with the Casualty Coast Guard Counter Pollution at Sea Coast Guard Counter Pollution on Shore Local Authority under the direction & co-ordination of the Irish Coast Guard

4 Sea Pollution (Amendment) Act 1999 Section 2- (3) Local Authorities –have a statutory responsibility for providing oil spill contingency plans. Port, Harbours, oil facilities & offshore installations – have a statutory responsibility for providing oil spill contingency plans These plans must be submitted for approval to the Irish Coast Guard

5 Why we need specific Plans Different response elements Many organisations Geographic area Overall scale Complexity duration

6 Why we need specific plans Planning services Waste management Roads & transport Procurement support Human resources Health and safety Financial services Communications internal & external

7 Key Components and Scope of a Contingency Plan STRATEGY Scope of the plan, Risks, proposed response strategy ACTIONS Mobilisation resources, operations and response DATA data on personnel, equipment and sensitivity/shoreline protection maps etc What area does it cover What is its geographical boundary What has to be protected How does it link with other plans

8 What do we find in a plan Aim, objectives and scope Links to other plans Triggers, activation and alerting Roles and responsibilities Specific actions Liaison and communication Review and revision procedure Training and exercising

9 Risk Assessment Historical Sources Oil Types Potential Size Scenarios

10 Sensitivity Mapping Fisheries Mariculture Birds and other wildlife Wetlands Power Plants Amenity beaches Yachting/recreational areas Cultural/ archeological sites Shoreline protection strategy



13 Initial Response Actions Assemble team Gather information Assess health and Safety risks Set up communications system Prepare Sitrep Assign Responsibilities Implement response Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 SRC

14 What is a ShoreLine Response Centre Shoreline Response Centre provides: Overall co-ordination of the shoreline operations Joint decision making Common purpose

15 Shoreline Response Centre Overall co-ordination of the shoreline operations Determine the extent of the problem Agree a clean up strategy and priorities Initiate response Obtain resources Determine method of waste disposal Monitor progress Inform public, media and politicians

16 Ship Casualty - Intervention - Pollution Response Report accidents: Why? Maritime casualty: Why? Prevent, Mitigate or eliminate pollution: Threat of grave and imminent danger of major harmful consequences through pollution to the coastline or related interests (Sea Pol Act 91) Place of Refuge Why? Best course of action for the purposes of protection of human life or the environment (SI 573 2010)

17 IRCG Incident Response Impact on Local Authority/Port All vessels in distress or needing assistance or sighting pollution are required to notify the nearest state. S hip requests a place of refuge

18 Onshore Oil Spill Response Shoreline clean up carried out by Local Authorities under the direction of the IRCG MRCC Shoreline Response Centre ONSCENE Planning Logistics Operations Finance

19 Beach Master implements the cleanup plans of the SRC Directs the shoreline cleanup of a specified section of coastline

20 Requires site management and planning

21 Equipment laydown Food De contamination

22 “Not if it happens but when it happens” Preparedness Contingency Plans Training Exercise Environmental costs Economic costs Social costs Political costs Vs

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