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FINAL REVISION MCQs (Adrenal gland & pancreas).

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1 FINAL REVISION MCQs (Adrenal gland & pancreas)

2 ADRENAL GLAND Anatomy team

3 suprarenal gland lies at the level of?? T8 T10 T12 L2
Anatomy team yellowish retroperitoneal organs that lie on the upper poles of the kidneys,

4 the anterolateral relation of the RIGHT suprarenal gland is??
A. inferior vana cava  B. liver C. pancreas D. stomach Antromedial of the RIGHT Antrolateral of the RIGHT Anterior relation of the LEFT Anatomy team

5 which one of the following statement is true about the Adrenal gland??
A. each gland supply by one artery & drain into one vein. B. each gland supply by two arteries & drain into one vein. C. each gland supply by three arteries & drain into three veins. D. each gland supply by three arteries & drain into one vein. Anatomy team

6 superior suprarenal artery branch of?? A. abdominal aorta
B. inferior phrenic artery C. renal artery D. celiac trunk Middle suprarenal artery Superior suprarenal artery Inferior suprarenal artery Anatomy team *see the previous picture

7 A. right suprarenal vein. B. left suprarenal vein.
which one of the following veins drain DIRECTLY into the inferior vana cava?? A. right suprarenal vein. B. left suprarenal vein. Directly into IVC Into LEFT renal vein Anatomy team

8 The autonomic nervous type of the adrenal gland is? Sympathetic only
Parasympathetic only Sympathetic & parasympathetic Anatomy team derived from the splanchnic nerves supply the glands. Most of the nerves end in the medulla of the gland.

9 The fetal adrenal cortex is developing form : A – Ectoderm
B – Mesoderm C – Endoderm D – Developing kidney Anatomy and embryology teams Part Origin Development Cortex(fetal & Permanent) Mesoderm from the celomic epithelium of the posterior abdominal wall. Medulla Ectoderm From Sympathetic ganglion (Neural crest cells.)

10 Which one of these zones is recognizable at birth :
A – Zona glomerulosa B – Zona reticularis C – zona fasciculata D – Both A and C At birth At the end of third year. Anatomy and embryology teams

11 The fetal adrenal cortex start to develop at the:
A – 8th week B – 7th week C – 6th week D – 6th month Anatomy and embryology teams

12 Regarding the adrenal gland cortex at birth:
A – Start to get smaller ar 2-3 week and complete at the end of 1st year . B – bigger than medulla C – Start to get smaller ar 2-3 week and complete at the end of 3rd year D – The same after puberty Anatomy and embryology teams

13 PANCREAS Anatomy team

14 Which gland has exocrine and endocrine functions: Adrenal Pancreas
Adrenal Pancreas Thyroid Pituitary Anatomy team Exocrine: secretions of digestive enzymes. Endocrine: islets of Langerhans that produce insulin and glucagon.

15 all the parts of pancreas at the level of L1 (transpyloric plane) except the tail at the level of??
B.L3 C.T11 D.T12 Anatomy team

16 which one of the following is posterior to the HEAD of pancreas??
A. aorta B. Inferior vana cava C.Origin of Superior Mesenteric artery D.the confluence of the Portal Vein Anatomy team A,C,D are posterior to the neck of pancreas

17 Superior Mesenteric artery
Patient had cancer of HEAD of pancreas then he developed obstructive jaundice , Which one of the following structures responsible for the obstructive jaundice ?? Inferior vana cava Bile duct Aorta Superior Mesenteric artery Anatomy team Posterior to the head Common site of the cancer of pancreas are HEAD & BODY

18 Which one of the following vessels is anterior to Uncinate Process ??
Inferior mesenteric vessels superior mesenteric vessels Splenic vessels Celiac vessels Anatomy team superior mesenteric vessels emerge from inferior border of the neck THEN anterior to Uncinate Process

19 C. superior mesenteric artery D. superior mesenteric vein
which one of the following vessels run on the upper border of the body of pancreas (tortuous course)?? A. splenic artery B. splenic vein C. superior mesenteric artery D. superior mesenteric vein Anatomy team The Splenic Vein is embedded in its post. Surface The Splenic Artery runs to the left along the upper border of the pancreas.

20 Which one of the following parts of pancreas is susceptible to be injured during Splenectomy, because it lies in the Splenicorenal ligament?? Head Neck Body Tail Anatomy team Anteriorly, related to: splenic flexure of colon

21 which one of the following structures anterior to the body & tail of pancreas?
A.Left Adrenal gland B. left kidney C. stomach D. Hilum of the spleen Anatomy team Anterior to (body & tail): Stomach separated from by lesser sac Transverse colon & transverse mesocolon Posterior to (body & tail) : Left Psoas muscle Left Adrenal gland Left Renal vessels Upper 1/3rd of Left kidney Hilum of the spleen.

22 Celiac  Superior pancreaticoduodenal
which one of the following arteries supply the body & tail of the pancreas? A. celiac trunk B. superior mesenteric artery C. Inferior mesenteric artery D. splenic artery  Anatomy team Celiac  Superior pancreaticoduodenal Head superior mesenteric  Inferior pancreaticoduodenal Neck &Body & tail splenic artery 

23 The autonomic nervous type of the pancreas is? Sympathetic only
Parasympathetic only Sympathetic & parasympathetic Anatomy team Sympathetic from the splanchnic nerves inhibitory effect Parasympathetic from the Vagus Stimulatory effect

24 Accessory Pancreatic duct.
Main Pancreatic DUCTS joins ……… to form (Major Duodenal Papilla) that open in the 2nd portion of the duodenum ?? Common hepatic duct. Bile duct. Cystic duct. Accessory Pancreatic duct. Anatomy team

25 GOOD LUCK Done by: Anjod AlMuhareb Alanood AlMehaidib
Abdulhamid alGhamdi Alwaleed ALSubaie Revised by: Hassan Almalak @anatomy433

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