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What happens when you eat a Hershey Kiss?

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1 What happens when you eat a Hershey Kiss?

2 Stage #1 and #2- The Mouth and the Esophagus
When the kiss enters your mouth both chemical and mechanical digestion occur. Your teeth are the mechanical by grinding up the kiss into smaller pieces. Then the saliva (chemical) attacks the chocolate and dissolves it. Together they both create a bolus. Your pharynx then pushes down the bolus into your esophagus. Your esophagus (throat) uses peristalsis (involuntary muscle spasms) to push the food down into the stomach. Peristalsis takes about 6-10 seconds.

3 Stage #3- The Stomach The stomach churns the kiss to make it into smaller bits. Then the gastric juices that contains enzymes and hydrochloric acids and pepsin which helps break the kiss into proteins and it also kills bacteria that might be harmful.

4 Stage # 4- The Small Intestine
After the Hershey kiss leaves the stomach, it enters the small intestine. When the food is in the small intestine the nutrients get absorbed by little finger shaped objects called villi. The nutrients go into your blood stream so they can travel to all your bodies cells. Small intestines

5 Stage #5- The Large Intestine
The Large Intestine dries out anything undigested by taking out all of the water. The kiss then is then transformed into waste.

6 The kiss reaches the rectum and then the anus.
The waste is then eliminated from the body.

7 The Quiz How does mechanical and chemical digestion occur in both the stomach and the mouth. What organs of the digestive system system are NOT used during the path and dig estion of food? Where does most of your digestion take place? About how long is the Large Intestine?

8 The Answers Mouth Teeth grind the food up into smaller bits.
Saliva dissolves to break up food. Stomach- Muscles contract to grind up food up MORE. Acids attack. 2. Liver, gallbladder, and the pancreas. 3. Small Intestine. 4. Five Feet

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