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Need to know the 7 traits of writing?

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1 Need to know the 7 traits of writing?

2 7 Writing Traits Ideas Organization Voice Word Choice Sentence Fluency
Conventions Presentation

3 Ideas The content of your piece – it’s the main message and details that support your message. Key Qualities Finding a Topic Focusing a Topic Developing a Topic Using Details

4 Organization The internal structure of your piece – the thread of logic, the pattern of meaning. Key Qualities Creating a lead Using sentence sequence words and transition words Structuring the Body Ending with a sense of resolution

5 Voice The tone of the piece – your personal stamp – which is achieved through an understanding of purpose and audience Key Qualities Establishing a tone Conveying the purpose Creating a connection to the audience Taking risks to Create Voice

6 Word Choice The vocabulary you use to convey meaning and enlighten the reader. Key Qualities Applying strong verbs Selecting striking words and phrases Using specific and accurate words Choosing words that deepen meaning

7 Sentence Fluency The way the text looks and sounds as it flows through your piece Key Qualities Crafting well-built sentences Varying sentence types Capturing smooth and rhythmic flow Breaking the “rules” to create fluency

8 Conventions The mechanical correctness of your piece, which helps guide the reader through the text. Key Qualities Checking spelling Punctuating correctly Capitalizing correctly Applying grammar and usage

9 Presentation The physical appearance of your piece – welcome mat that invites the reader. Key Qualities Applying handwriting skills Using word processing effectively Making good use of white space Refining text features

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