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1 Welcome to KTH KTH Royal Institute of Technology Excellence in Education, Research and Entrepreneurship.

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1 1 Welcome to KTH KTH Royal Institute of Technology Excellence in Education, Research and Entrepreneurship

2 2 KTH in Stockholm KTH was founded in 1827 and has remained the largest of Sweden’s technical universities. Since 1917, activities have been housed in central Stockholm in beautiful buildings which are currently protected as being of special historical interest. Associated colleges are found at various places in the Stockholm surroundings – Haninge, Södertälje, Flemingsberg and Kista. KTH co-operates with Stockholm University in Kista, the main Swedish resource centre of information technology, and in the AlbaNova Centre, with its departments of physics and biotechnology.

3 3 KTH ’s History 1697 Christopher Polhem’s Laboratorium Mechanicum 1827 Lectures start at the Institute 1869 Study programmes in mining and civil engineering 1876 The name Kungliga Tekniska högskolan is established 1877 The KTH charter 1917 KTH moves into new buildings at Valhallavägen 1921 First regular female student admitted at KTH 1927 KTH is awarded the right to confer doctoral degrees 1956 Sweden’s first female Doctor of Technology graduated from KTH 1970 Hannes Alfvén, Professor at KTH, is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 1986 The College of Engineering is established at KTH 1993 Reorganization of KTH — more than 80 departments merge into 40 larger ones 1999 A new organization with Study Programme Areas, with its own Programme Officer 2001 AlbaNova, Stockholm’s Centre of Physics, Astronomy and Biotechnology 2002 The IT University at Kista is inaugurated, a joint venture with Stockholm University 2005 A new organisation with Schools

4 4 Undergraduate Programmes 2008 ALL PROGRAMMES 4,087 new admissions; 30% women and 70% men A total of approximately 17,000 programme students 300 ECTS CREDIT PROGRAMMES (5 YEARS) Architects 14 M.Sc. Programmes 1,056 graduations; 29% women and 71% men 180 ECTS PROGRAMMES (3 YEARS) 9 B.Sc. Programmes 339 graduations; 26% women and 74% men INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES 45 International Master ’ s Programmes taught in English INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGES 338 KTH students travelling to other universities 1,057 foreign exchange students began their studies at KTH 1,105 international master’s students began their studies at KTH

5 5 Postgraduate Studies 2008 POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS 1,434 active postgraduate students with a minimum of 50% activity; 28% women and 72% men DEGREES 152 licentiate degrees awarded; 33% to women and 67% to men 209 doctoral degrees awarded; 28% to women and 72% to men

6 6 Research 2008 NUMBERS OF PROFESSORS 259 professors 5 part-time consulting professors 202 associate professors INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED MATERIALS 1,800 conference contributions (papers, etc.) GROWTH AREAS IN FOCUS Biotechnology Material Science and Engineering Information Technology Energy and Environment

7 7 Schools School of Architecture and the Built Environment School of Biotechnology School of Chemical Science and Engineering School of Computer Science and Communication School of Electrical Engineering School of Information and Communication Technology School of Industrial Engineering and Management School of Engineering Sciences School of Technology and Health School of Education and Communication in Engineering Science

8 8 KTH School of Technology and Health Flemingsberg Haninge Solna (research only)

9 9 Research at STH Field of research Design, Work environment, Safety and Health (DASH) Ergonomics Medical sensors, signals and systems Medical Engineering Neuronic Engineering Environmental Physiology Structural biotechnology Patient Safety Technology and quality in health care systems Reseach centres Center for Technology, medicine and health (CTMH) Center for Health and Building (CHB)

10 10 Education at STH Qualifying programmes One year 60 credits One term 30 credits One term 35 credits Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 180 credits Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Medical Engineering Technology and Economics Master of Science in Engineering, 300 credits Medical Engineering

11 11 Education at STH Master degrees: Programmes taught in English Medical Engineering 120 credits (equal to the final two years of the five year programme) Architectural Lighting Design 60 credits Architectural Lighting Design and Health 120 credits Network Services and Systems 120 credits Master degrees: Programmes taught in Swedish Ergonomics and Human–Technology–Organisation 60 credits Technology, Health and Work Environment Development 60 credits

12 12 Facts KTH STH 3 locations – Flemingsberg, Haninge and Solna (research only) Ca 1000 students 158 employees, teachers and technical personnel Ca 170 million SEK in total turnover, distributed as 80 million SEK for undergraduate education and 90 million SEK for research and doctoral studies

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