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Faculty of Food Science & Technology UPM

2 Participation in postgraduate seminars is an
integral part of graduate study for the following reasons: it helps to enhance knowledge, Broaden research outlook, sharpens thinking and improves communication skills. A master or PhD’s student is expected to attend all graduate seminars and also deliver at least 2 presentation of his/her research work (proposal and result presentations).

3 Objectives The goal of this class is to enlighten the students on the guidelines of seminar presentation The overall goal is broken down into three key objectives: to introduce postgraduate student to ideas, methods and techniques that you can use to improve the content and presentation of scientific seminars; to practice these methods by developing and presenting a unique seminar of their own; and to learn by example by providing feedback to each other.

4 Guidelines for Proposal and Result Presentations Proposal Presentation
All students must register for SPS 5903/6903 [Postgraduate Seminar (Proposal)] with GSO at least by Second Semester of their postgraduate study. Students taking SPS 5903 (MSc Program) or SPS 6903 (PhD Program) for credit must make a minimum of one presentation during the semester.

5 Result Presentation All students must register for FST 5903/6903 or PMK 5903 [Postgraduate Seminar (Result)] with GSO no later than the last semester of their postgraduate study Students taking FST/ PMK 5903 (MSc Program) or FST 6903 (PhD Program) for credit must make a minimum of one presentation during the semester.

6 The student should select a presentation
topic with approval of his or her Supervisory Committee. The student should prepare an abstract and obtain the approval of his or her adviser. Abstract must be submitted to Postgraduate Seminar’s Coordinator.

7 Audio visual equipment
The faculty has computer projection equipment available. The students are encouraged to use this to plan their seminar and develop his/ her visual aids. The slides can be prepared using MS PowerPoint The presentation should be on an appropriate scientific subject and a sufficient quality to be given at a professional meeting or conference This requires use of carefully prepared and high quality visual aids adequate preparation and practice in the delivery of the presentation

8 The presentation should be completed
and reviewed with the student’s advisory committee prior to the date of the presentation. Technical content and questions should be resolved at this time with the Supervisory Committee. It is suggested that the student must be present at least 15 min before the seminar session. The student must be appropriately dressed.

9 The presentation should be a maximum of 15 or 20 min in length, and should be followed by a question and discussion session Proposal presentation – 25 min (15 min of presentation & 10 min of Q&A) – 15% of score obtained from the Proposal Presentation will be carried forward to the Result Presentation. Result presentation – 30 min (20 min of presentation & 10 min of Q&A)

10 Role of Supervisory Committee
An abstract prepared must be checked and signed by the chairman of the committee and must be submitted to the Seminar Coordinator at least two weeks before the seminar date. At least one member of the Supervisory Committee must be present during the seminar session for a particular student.

11 Guideline to All Postgraduate Students
1.  Attendance will be taken. If you must miss a seminar please ask your advisor to send a written excuse to the seminar coordinator. Unexcused absenteeism is punishable. 2. Actively PARTICIPATE in other students' seminars. This means attending, listening, and engaging questions and constructive criticism related to the project. -        

12 All postgraduate students MUST attend the graduate
seminars because they are an important part of our scientific and research activity They allow us to become more familiar with the areas of research and expertise of our colleagues. They educate and inform us on areas outside of, but related to, our specialties. They allow us a forum for developing our presentation skills. They serve to facilitate communications about issues of concern to postgraduate students.

13 Supervisory Committee
TITLE OF ABSTRACT Name (Matric No) Supervisory Committee 1. Name (Institution) 2. 3. 4. Abstract  (Not more than 250 words) Chairman of Supervisory Committee : ________________________ Signature : ________________________

14 A. Flow of presentation for Proposal
LAYOUT OF PRESENTATION (SUGGESTION) A.     Flow of presentation for Proposal Presentation Content No. of slide 1.      Title (with name of presenter and the supervisory committee) 2.      Introduction/ Literature Review   Objective(s)   4.     Proposed Hypothesis 5.     Materials and Methods 6.     Expected Outcome/ Results 7.     End of Presentation TOTAL

15 Flow of presentation for Result
Flow of presentation for Result Presentation Content No. of slide Title (with name of presenter and the supervisory committee) Introduction Objective(s) Materials and Methods Results and Discussion Conclusion/ Recommendation End of Presentation TOTAL



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