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The Body of a News Story Nicole Park Laura Forbeck Body.

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1 The Body of a News Story Nicole Park Laura Forbeck Body

2 Give Direction - Foundation Lead ParagraphsConclusion Capture Attention

3 Styles Helpful Hints Transitions Beef It Up! Keeping On Track…

4 Writing Styles Inverted-Pyramid Hourglass Focus Narrative

5 The Inverted-Pyramid Style Most Important Information Least Important Information

6 The Inverted-Pyramid Style AdvantagesDisadvantages Quick Read Easy Edit Repetition No Surprises Difficult to Follow

7 The Hourglass Style Inverted-Pyramid Style The Turn Chronological Conclusion

8 The Hourglass Style For Reporting… Sports Contests Criminal Investigations Natural Disasters Political Campaign

9 The Focus Style Nut GraphKicker Body of Story Focus Lead

10 The Focus Style For Reporting… A lead story related to a larger issue Advantages: Flexible Can be arranged chronologically

11 The Narrative Style Like Painting a Picture with Words

12 Helpful Hints Avoid Leapfrogging Names = Dull! Avoid Complexities Necessary Background Information Only

13 Transitions Like Railroad Ties… …Transitions help to connect ideas Types: Words Sentences

14 Transitions Words Time Causation Addition Contrast Comparison Sentences Declarative Interrogative

15 Beef It Up! How? Examples Description Humor Objectivity

16 Discussion Questions Is it sufficient when covering public controversies to simply report the facts accurately and fairly? Does it matter that fair and accurate reporting of facts might not do justice to the truth about the facts? Does the practice of objective reporting distance reporters from the substance of their stories in ways contrary to the ideals of responsible journalism?

17 Discussion Questions Should a journalist release all known case details regardless of possible harm?

18 End of the Line… Choose a Style Conducive to Story Use the Helpful Hints BEEF IT UP! Follow the 3 C’s Clear * Concise * Creative

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