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Distribution Strategies

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1 Distribution Strategies
Tujuan Mengetahui strategi distribusi dalam mengelola rantai pasok

2 OUTLINE 1. Distribution Strategies Direct Shipment Warehousing
Cross-Docking 2. Central versus Local Facilities

3 Distribution Strategies:
Direct Shipment Manufacturer or supplier delivers goods directly to retail stores The retailer avoids the expenses of operating a distribution center Lead times are reduced On the other hand: Risk pooling effects are ignored The manufacturer and distributor transportation costs increase because it must send smaller trucks to more locations S R

4 Cross-docking Cross-docking S R CD
Example: JC Penny– 200,000 items, 20,000 suppliers. Each individual store is responsible for sales forecast and placing orders. Products are directly shipped to stores. Cross-docking S CD R

5 Cross-docking Warehouse = inventory coordination point
From supplier to warehouse to vehicles serving to retailers Very little time in storage---less than 12 hours Distribution centers, retailers, and suppliers must be linked with advanced information systems to ensure that all pickups and deliveries are made within the required time windows A fast and responsive transportation system is necessary Forecasts are critical, and needs to be shared Effective only for large distribution systems (enough volume to allow deliveries (full truck loads) every day, enough demand to send shipment to retailers (full truck loads) every day.

6 Example: Wal-Mar---85 % of deliveries through cross-docking (about 50 % for K-Mart). A private satellite communication system (POS data from retailers to vendors), a fleet of 2000 trucks, replenishment twice a week (almost zero safety stocks at the retail level—but lots of stock in transit)

7 Warehousing Warehouses keep stock and supply retailers as demanded (traditional strategy) S W R S W R

8 Comparison

9 Central vs Local Facilities
Apakah fasilitas produksi dan gudang terpisah atau sentralisasi : Faktor yang dipertimbangkan : Safety Stock Overhead Economies of scale Lead time Service Transportation costs

10 TUGAS Terjemahkan dan temukan point pentingnya
Direct shipment (Example : JC Penny) Cross docking ( Example : Wall Mart)

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