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Continuing Healthcare

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1 Continuing Healthcare
What it means for you

2 Policy and Process National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS Funded Nursing Care, July 2009 NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist, July 2009 Decision Support Tool for NHS Continuing Healthcare, July 2009 Fast track Pathway Tool for NHS Continuing Healthcare, July 2009 Practice Guidance, March 2010

3 What is Continuing Healthcare?
“Where a person’s primary need is a health need, they are eligible for NHS continuing healthcare. Deciding whether this is the case involves looking at the totality of the relevant needs.” “NHS continuing healthcare means a package of care that is arranged and funded solely by the NHS” -National Framework definition

4 Checklist Means for referral for a full CHC assessment
Important to consider mental capacity and ensure that consent is obtained Involvement of service user/representative Completed by independent professional (Social Worker/ District Nurse/Com. Matron/GP etc)

5 Decision Support Tool Decision Making Tool, rather than as assessment
Importance of a multi-disciplinary approach (MDT) DST exists to support the MDT to consider if the person has a primary healthcare need The MDT includes a PCT and LA representative, and any other relevant professional Provider services are integral in providing information and evidence. Section 8, Practice Guidance

6 Fast Track Tool “a rapidly deteriorating condition, which may be in a terminal phase with an increasing level of dependency” A means for ensuring that the persons care is not delayed unnecessarily Short term authorisation, until a full CHC assessment can take place

7 Integrated CHC team Established April 2011
PCT joined ASC in St Mary’s House, Eastbourne Purpose; to improve CHC process for the person, ensure an MDT compliant process, political change Team is growing rapidly with further PCT recruitment

8 Role of the Integrated CHC team
To carry out all CHC assessments and reviews with an MDT approach* To ensure effective case management for those funded under CHC ASC staff will also have additional responsibilities relating to SAAR and Carers needs for those funded under CHC * except for ASC Hospital Teams

9 Your role in CHC Alert the professional to the need for a Checklist
Support the MDT with gathering information for CHC assessment Liaise with Specialist Placement Team (SPT) Return signed Contract to SPT or ICHT Invoice in arrears to Shared Business Services (SBS)

10 Contacts For general CHC queries, please call the duty worker on For queries on payments, please contact or call the ICHT on Thank you for your time, any questions?

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