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1 Lithosphere-Asthenosphere

2 Benefits & Challenges: Earth System Science - Tsunamis: Wave Amplitude Model – 26 Dec 2004

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4 Benefits & Challenges: Disaster Management
Strong demand from the Geohazards Community to have easy and seamless access to data during the whole cycle of the Disaster Risk Management (Prevention, Prediction & EW, Crisis, Post Crisis and recovery)

5 Global Initiative: Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases
Alliance (GACD) for a critical battle against: Chronic, Non-Communicable Diseases- Research on: ♦ Cardiovascular Diseases ╙╙►►►(mainly Heart Disease and Stroke) ♦ Several Cancers ♦ Chronic Respiratory conditions ♦ Type 2 Diabetes Alliance: Australia+Canada+China+India+UK+USA ╙╙►►► Health Research Agencies: collectively managing estimated 80% of world’s public health research funding

6 Benefits & Challenges: Human Capital (shared?)
Number of scientists/engineers vs. population: Africa: less than 1 per 10,000 inhabitants Asia & Europe: 2-5 per 10,000 inhabitants

7 Thank you for your attention
Benefits & Challenges: Progress through Partnerships Individuals & Nations “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of the giants.” Sir Isaac Newton ( ) English mathematician and physicist In: Letter to Robert Hooke, 5 February 1676 Thank you for your attention

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