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Vendor Briefings Process Overview

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1 Vendor Briefings Process Overview
Placeholder for text of Conclusions, SPAs and others (substitute your own text) Vendor Briefings Process Overview No source line is necessary unless the source is something other than Gartner Research

2 Gartner Research Structure
Roles Global Head of Research Technology and Service providers I&O Industries Hardware Security FSI Software EA Healthcare Services Sourcing and VM Retail Telecommunications BPI Manufacturing Go To Market PPM E&U Industries Applications Government BIIM Education 2

3 Asia Pac Analysts T Shape π now Pi 3

4 Access To Insight: Different ways you can leverage Gartner
Strategic Advisor Business Executive Research Provider Market Intelligence Industry Analyst Analyst Relations Analyst inquiry and SAS A two-way consultative relationship whereby analysts advise you on your go-to-market strategies and growth plans Face-to-face strategic sessions with analysts, which you can use to prepare for shareholder meetings, conduct business planning or get feedback on your ideas Research services 24/7 access to Gartner research, enabling you to make decisions in real time Insight you can’t get anywhere else on your customers, markets and competitors Analytics you can use to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts Vendor Briefings Scheduling a vendor briefing (available to any technology and service provider—client or non-client) Educating analysts on your company’s direction and/or new product announcements via a vendor briefing 4

5 Gartner’s definition of a Vendor Briefing
A vendor briefing is a research tool for industry analysts, and an opportunity for IT vendors to present its products, services and business strategies with analysts that cover the vendor specifically or a related technology or market. During a vendor briefing, the flow of information predominates from vendor to analysts and is not interactive. Analysts may ask questions of clarification during a briefing session, however, analyst feedback is not the focus and should not play a part or role within any given vendor briefing session. Gartner analysts schedule briefings at their discretion based purely on an interest in the vendor, its technologies and its marketplace, not because of any fee or contractual relationship. 5

6 Submission Process Gartner receives over 12,000 briefings annually and has a systematic method for disseminating briefing requests to our analyst community. We understand there are local relationships but kindly request that you do not contact the analysts directly when booking briefings. All vendors should initiate requests through completion of a Vendor Briefings request form available in word document format from or online at: To help you identify which topics are covered by Gartner analysts, view: 6

7 Benefits of using the formal Vendor Briefings process
For IT Vendors Proper tracking of your requests into Gartner’s client database All Gartner associates have visibility into the current and prior history of your requests Broad and accurate exposure of your requests to relevant analysts When appropriate requests may be disseminated via Gartner distribution lists Expedited scheduling Analysts receive hundreds of s daily and may respond more quickly to Gartner’s internal scheduling teams Proper replication of confirmed appointments to analyst calendars Appointments are methodically posted to analyst calendars in a standardized format which analysts use as gospel For Gartner Analysts Proper tracking of requests into Gartner’s client database supports analyst collaboration Analysts can identify other analysts who attended previous briefings and knowledge share Permanent posting of requests and vendor materials to Gartner’s internal central repository for knowledge sharing Content is tagged enabling sophisticated search capabilities to assist with research agendas Audio replay option for analysts who missed a scheduled briefing Audio recording of briefings are available for 28 days post briefing Greater time allotment to conducting research and fulfilling client deliverables Scheduling briefings can be time consuming. The Vendor Briefings team is highly skilled in managing multiple calendars and time zones 7

8 Vendor Briefings Selection Process
The Gartner analyst community makes its own decisions regarding which technologies, products, services and vendors are important to the research agenda. Analysts schedule a vendor briefing solely because they need information as part of their research or to answer client inquiries. In scheduling briefings, Gartner analysts apply the same criteria to vendors clients and non-clients. For information about the Gartner Magic Quadrant and MarketScope processes view: 8

9 Vendor Briefings Process & Typical Lead Time
Completed Vendor Briefings request forms will be assigned to a specialist within 2 business days The specialist will first poll the relevant analysts for their interest level Analysts have  48 hours to accept or decline the polling After 48 hours with no reply the VB Specialist considers it a “decline” Based upon positive interest we will then provide you with tentative analyst availability Upon selection of a slot, the Specialist will schedule the call with analyst (s) via concert depending on their current availability. The scheduling process is completed through the Concert system Concert updates analyst’s outlook calendar with date/time of the call, conference bridge #/ID, and briefing information from GAMEC Concert automatically spins-off additional GAMEC records to all analyst attendees Conference bridge ID is scheduled via the MeetingPlace Global site: confirmation is sent to the vendor with details for the call 9

10 Vendor Briefings Process & Typical Lead Time
Lead times for scheduling depend on analyst responsiveness and availability and are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks out Lead time significantly increases for in person requests and for requests exceeding 2 analysts. 10

11 Best Time to Schedule a Vendor Briefing
Historically 70% of briefings occur in two briefing seasons: mid-November to end of February mid-May to end of July These briefing seasons coincide with analyst research agendas and the updating of their conference presentations. Off-season briefings are welcome and expected, but are more difficult to schedule due to conference participation and other business travel. The more analysts requested correlates with less availability for scheduling. 11

12 Typical Venue for a Vendor Briefing
Gartner analysts determine the duration and venue of briefings. 95% occur via phone for minutes, with 1-2 analysts. Our analysts prefer to use Gartner’s audio conference bridge, as briefings are recorded and accessible by the Gartner analyst community for 28 days after the briefing. Dialing instructions are provided upon analyst confirmation. In person briefings are less frequent and are scheduled at the discretion of the analysts for 60 minutes. Online Demos should be reserved for the purpose of reviewing software tools and applications. Gartner analysts still prefer that an electronic slide deck presentation be provided 3 days prior to a scheduled briefing. 12

13 Suggested Briefings Agenda
I. Company Overview Brief history Vision statement Value proposition Organizational structure Operating principles Financial performance II. Market Positioning Assessment of market drivers or business issues Category description (Software integration, consultant, data-mining solution provider, etc.) Competitive position Description of target markets Go-to-market strategy Partner strategy Points of differentiation III. Capabilities Portfolio review Tools, methodologies Customer benefits Success stories Delivery model IV. Strategic Intent Vision for future directions Growth plan – (for example, organic, partners, acquisitions) Investment strategy 13

14 Vendor Briefings Best Practices
Define clear objectives for your vendor briefing. For example… To provide information on significant changes in product or service strategy, company structure, pricing, revenue and so on To emphasize the vendor's differentiators in products, strategy and marketing message, and what it sees as its competitive advantages Provide presentation materials 3 business days in advance of the briefing. All files should be "zipped" and, if at all possible, no more than 3MB in total size. Sending materials in advance is particularly important for phone briefings and if analysts are traveling. If certain information is confidential or embargoed, the vendor should note that on the document and cover letter. Post briefing, vendor presentations are posted to a database accessible by our global analysts. Distinguish a vendor briefing from a client inquiry Vendor briefings are eligible to both clients and non-clients where the flow of information predominates from vendor to analyst. Client Inquiries are only eligible to clients and are a much more interactive paradigm that should be scheduled via the Client Services Group. 14

15 Contact Details & Additional Information
Region Phone Americas, Canada, EMEA & Asia Pacific Americas, Canada & EMEA: Asia Pacific: Japan Click here for more information about vendor briefings: 15

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