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Glens Falls Interweb, Inc.

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1 Glens Falls Interweb, Inc.

2 Business Plan To provide equipment, engineering, and design services to the Pulp and Paper, and Nonwovens Industries with an emphasis on machines and auxiliary systems. These services are provided cost effectively, and on a timely basis in order to satisfy the short-term and long-term goals of our customers.

3 History Founded in 1996 Experienced core group of custom machinery/systems engineers and designers Purchased Wet Laid Nonwovens business from Valmet in 1998

4 The GFI Team Jeff Riggi – General Manager
Ray Stevens – Applications Manager Roger Ahrens – Engineering Manager John Harke – Nonwovens Product Manager

5 Services/Products Design Services Conceptual Development
Project Management Engineered Equipment & Systems Nonwoven & Specialty Machinery

6 Design Services Machine design and layout Installation drawings
Evaluation of existing machinery and systems

7 Conceptual Development
Engineering studies Machine rebuilds and retrofits Machine expansion Process improvement studies

8 Project Management Bid Specification preparation
Evaluation of vendor specifications Project scheduling On site management & supervision Coordination with vendors

9 Engineered Equipment and Systems
Machine components Rebuilds New machine sections Turnkey installations

10 Nonwovens and Specialty Machinery
Sandy Hill Deltaformer™ Sandy Hill Rotoformer™ Rotoformer™ 2000 Saturator with Microflow Applicator™ Hydro-Entanglement Units

11 Deltaformer™

12 Rotoformer™

13 Rotoformer™2000

14 Saturator Unit

15 Hydro-Entanglement Unit

16 High Dilution Forming Major Markets Food Medical Filtration Industrial

17 High Dilution Forming Forming consistencies of 0.01 to 0.2%
Higher stock dilution to keep longer fibers from entangling Fiber lengths from 5 mm to 38 mm

18 High Dilution Forming Longer fibers require high dilution forming
Natural fibers Abaca, sisal, kenaf, cotton linters Man made & synthetic fibers Polyesters, rayon, nylon, glass, polyolefins

19 High Dilution Forming Two basic forming configurations
Inclined wire former (Deltaformer™) Vacuum cylinder former (Rotoformer™)

20 Deltaformer™

21 Deltaformer™ Inclined wire former - 15° to 35°
High dilution forming up to 400 gpm/in. Can form synthetic fibers up to 38 mm long Machine widths up to 5 meters wide Machine speeds up to 600 m/min Over 40 units delivered

22 Deltaformer™ Primary grades: Glass mat for roofing Teabag
Cigarette papers Auto filter Vacuum dust bag

23 Rotoformer™

24 Rotoformer™ Vacuum cylinder forming unit In use since 1953
Medium dilution forming up to 70 gpm/in. Machine speeds up to 700 fpm Machine widths up to 150 inches Over 90 units delivered

25 Rotoformer™ 2000

26 Rotoformer™ 2000 Improvements Reduced CD profile variation
Wider flow range Wider range of fibers Improved headbox adjustments Improved repeatability of process settings Better internal access to headbox

27 Rotoformer™ Primary grades produced: Filter Automotive specialties
Air bag Catalytic converters Ultra- filtration HEPA / ULPA Battery separator Electrical circuit board

28 High Dilution Forming Benefits/Advantages Formation of long fibers
Blending of wood fibers and synthetic fibers Excellent formation at low basis weights Excellent basis weight control at low basis weights

29 Glens Falls Interweb, Inc.
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