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Developing Lean Process Strategies That Work Randy Benson, Ph.D. Executive Director, RHQN.

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1 Developing Lean Process Strategies That Work Randy Benson, Ph.D. Executive Director, RHQN

2  Conference Call Objectives: Define ‘Lean Process’ Describe the attributes of a successful Lean project Identify the tools available to make a Lean project successful List eight useful Lean strategies Describe where to find your Lean Process project champion Identify appropriate timeframes for Lean projects

3  What is “Lean Process Improvement” Toyota Healthcare specific use (VMMC) Streamlined/Simplified (vs. Six Sigma) Speedy (days not months) Continuous quality improvement Increase effectiveness Enhance efficiency Reduce costs (supplies, equipment, labor)

4  Successful Lean Projects Ferret out waste Effective, Efficient, Cost Reduction Enhanced Patient Satisfaction Scores Increased quality of work outcomes Reduced Staffing Costs Happier Workplace Standardized Processes

5  Lean Process Tools Inventory Control Cards (Kanban) Process Mapping (String, Fishbone) Shadow Boards (Standardization) 5S 3A Time Studies Champions

6  Useful Lean Strategies Are there areas where you get low customer satisfaction scores? Are there areas that have high supply costs? Is there hoarding of supplies?

7  Hunting for waste, Lean Process’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Processing: “Unnecessary processing, checking, inspection and review including rework.” Waiting: “Queues, delays, idle time. Staff waiting for patients; patients waiting to register, lab, x-ray, pharmacy services or materials; equipment down-time, bottle- necks.”

8  Lean Process Pot of Gold (con’t) Unnecessary Transport: “Unnecessary movement of patients or materials: taking work, information or patients long distances; doing unnecessary handling; traveling to equipment or supplies.” Unnecessary Movement: “Looking for or reaching for; taking time to stack items; walking time.”

9  Lean Process Pot of Gold (con’t) Un-needed steps that don’t add value: “Inefficiencies caused by poor tools or product design causing unnecessary motion or producing “rework”. Focusing on tasks instead of what brings value to the patient. Unnecessarily complex processes.”

10  Lean Process Pot of Gold (con’t) Inventory: “Unused finished products, supplies not in use; hoarding and “stashing”. Extra inventory which hides problems such as late deliveries from suppliers, defects or inventory kept on hand “just in case” there is projected equipment down time.”

11  Lean Process Pot of Gold (con’t) Defects: “Rework, repair, returns, appeals, damaged products, complaints; wasteful effort and handling time. Also, wasted space.” Unused Employee Creativity: “Lost time, ideas, skills, and improvement and learning opportunities.”

12  Champions Someone to create the vision that will see the need for change and improvement Someone with enough power to get the project off the ground and keep it going Someone to provide the tools needed to make the project successful (time, talents, funds, administrative support) Someone who will not get pulled away half way through the project

13  Lean Process Success Strategies Don’t expect perfection (PDSA) Do expect improvement Don’t make the scope of your project too large Do go the actual place, watch the actual process and talk to the actual people Do expect the process to be speedy (less than one week of meetings and planning) Do include staff in the projects

14  Timeframes Lean Process projects do not require large numbers of long meetings. Get the right people on your team Regardless of what your policies say you do, go see how it is actually done (3A) Shoot for less than one week for planning. Implementation may take weeks to a month (PDSA) Do not fear failure, keep trying

15 Randy Benson, Ph.D. RHQN Executive Director 206 577-1821

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