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A novel by Paul Zindel English Language Arts Mr. Stevens; B-14.

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1 A novel by Paul Zindel English Language Arts Mr. Stevens; B-14

2 Students will analyze the human struggles of loneliness and purpose. As they read the 1960’s based story, “The Pigman,” they will gain an understanding of how an older gentleman and two teenage students cope with being lonely and seek purpose and meaning in their lives. Students will realize the inner-generational friendship is beneficial and heartfelt! Likewise, students will examine their own lives, growing up and facing their own struggles in the realms of loneliness and purpose. They will see what it means to be human! Unit Summary

3 Essential Question : Why is loneliness a part of being human and how do people overcome it and find purpose? Unit Questions: How do the characters deal with school/life? What are some ways you deal with school/life? When are personal choices most important? Why is it OK to be silly and carefree, sometimes? Does happiness come from the heart? Content Questions: What understanding can you learn from the characters’ problem solving skills, or lack thereof? How can you apply what you learned from the characters to your own life?

4 How are each of the characters dealing with loneliness? John /Lorraine/Mr. Pignati How do they relate to one another in the area of loneliness? In what area of your life do you experience loneliness? How do deal with your own loneliness? Relating to the characters: Loneliness

5 What is John’s purpose? Will he discover it? How does he conflict with his parents “on finding purpose?” How is Lorraine seeing that she needs to find her purpose? How will she discover purpose and find who she is? Mr. Pignati is near the end of his life. What is his purpose with John and Lorraine? How does he teach them? Does he value his own purpose? Relating to the characters: Purpose

6 JOHN What possible choices may John make in his life? How will these choices make him a happier person? LORRAINE What could Lorraine choose for herself? How may her choices point her in a more positive direction? MR. PIGNATI What is Angelo Pignati choosing for himself? Is he unhappy or simply grieving his wife’s death? Relating to the characters: CHOICES

7 When you are John and Lorraine’s ages, what choices will you make? When you are Mr. Pignati’s age, what choices might you make? Your personal choices!

8 While life may include disappointment, such as loneliness, a lack of purpose, and getting old, there is hope! HOPE: The vision of something better that will come. What hope do John and Lorraine have? How might Mr. Pignati be more hopeful? What hope exists in your life? Explain! Characters/Readers: Hope

9 Mr. Pignati: Does he lead a happy life? Is he a positive example to John and Lorraine? Lorraine: Will she overcome her unhappiness? Is she helpful to Mr. Pignati and to John? John: Will he find balance between being himself and taking advice from others? Character Reflection:

10 Consider the themes that exist in this novel! Choose one of the following and write a page about what it means to be human, based on your selected theme. 1.Life is short; Live it fully! 2.Appreciate the people you love. 3.Discover yourself and be who you are. 4.Give yourself and others a chance! Story theme!

11 Zindel, Paul; The Pigman: 1968 Citation page:

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