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Name: Marina R Class Period: 2nd Period

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1 Name: Marina R Class Period: 2nd Period
Title: Smile Author: Raina Telgemeier Date/Year Published: 2010 Genre: Graphic Novel Name: Marina R Class Period: 2nd Period

2 Setting Raina Telgemeier lives in a town home. It is a two story home. She lives in San Francisco. She always goes to the orthodontist office. She always goes to girl scouts too. She goes to school everyday like a normal kid.

3 Characters Raina-she has all the problems that deal with her teeth and braces. She also tries to be a normal kid. She is a 6th grader. She has no pierced ears but is about to get them. She has two sisters. She is a 13 year old. She has braces. No glasses. Her mom always takes her to the dentist she gets mentioned a lot. The orthodontist-has Raina for a patient.

4 Plot: Conflict In the begging of the story she was running to her house and BOOM, she falls head first and lost one of her teeth and her other one is stuck up in her gums. So she goes to the dentist and they tell her what she needs. So she is at school and she has problems because her friends are making fun of her. And she has an earthquake.

5 Plot: Resolution Raina gets her teeth fixed and her braces come off. She also gets her ears pierced and makes new friends which she is much more happier with her new friends then with her old friends. She is much more happier now.

6 Your Opinion I LIKED this book a lot it was entertaining. I read this book about 3 times. She has some very interesting things in her book Smile. I enjoyed it so will you. It is one of the best graphic novel I had ever read I like it so much I mid as well read it again.

7 About the Author Raina Telgemeir grew up in San Francisco, then she moved to New York City where she earned an illustration degree. Her comics have been nominated for the Ignatz, cybil. She illustrated The Baby-sitters Club graphic novels. Her husbands name is Dave Roman. Raina has a web site.

8 5 Test Questions Why didn’t she go to the school dance? She didn’t feel good. How did she feel when she got pierced ears? She was happier. Did she cry when she got braces? No. Was Raina’s mom mad when she messed up her front two teeth? Kind of. How did she mess up her teeth? She tripped.

9 Summary Raina was coming home from girl scouts. When she was running home she tripped and fell, and at that moment she had lost one of her teeth and her other one went up her gums. So she ends up getting braces she has a lot of drama problems especially with her mean friends. But at the end she is really happy with the decision she made by getting new friends. At the end she gets her braces off.

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