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Curriculum Fair Class of 2017 Lake Norman High School.

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1 Curriculum Fair Class of 2017 Lake Norman High School

2 Agenda  Show Choir Presentation  Welcome  Blue Ribbon Video  Registration Packets  Registration Card  Layout for this evening.

3 Registration Packets  Career Cruiser (BMS/LMS/TMS)  Registration Card (worksheet)  Sample flow-chart for course sequence (note change in SS sequence)  Summer Camp Intent Form  Comment Card  PTSA Information Card

4 Graduation Requirements  English- 4 credits  Mathematics- 4 credits  Science- 3 credits  Social Studies- 4 credits  World Languages-not required for HS Graduation but 2 credit min. for UNC system college admission  Heath and PE- 1 credit  12 Elective credits- some specific combinations Total 28 credits

5 Career Cruising o Sign-in information (BMS/LMS/TMS) o Teacher Rec’s noted with a gray star and are LOCKED- Waiver Form/Option Verification Form sent to Middle School in spring o Course descriptions available by course o Elective/Alternate options can be entered

6 Registration Card (worksheet)  Core Courses Offered  Health/PE already selected  Select 3 other electives on left side  Select 4 Alternates on the right side (in order of preference A-1, A-2, A-3, and A-4)  When complete you will have:  8 primary courses selected (including PE)  4 alternate courses  We run 4 – 90 minute blocks a day per semester.

7 Special Notices One course will last all year: Band I Fall and Band I Spring Must be taken together - check both boxes Students interested in taking AP science classes their Junior and Senior year may take Honors Biology as a freshmen. For more information see your child’s Middle School Science teacher for recommendations. It is recommended that students planning on taking AP World History as a 10th grader should take Civics/Economics Honors. Teacher recommendation is required.

8 Special Notices If students do NOT make proficient on their 8 th grade EOG’s, Administration reserves the right to make changes to schedules as needed. Students in regular 8 th grade math will be placed in a year-long Integrated Math I (Math Foundations & Integrated I). Students in Integrated Math I in 8 th grade will be recommended for either Integrated Math II Academic or Honors (semester long only). ONLY current 8 th graders in Geometry Honors will be recommended for Algebra II Honors. Integrated Math is the NEW COMMON-CORE

9 Alternate Course Selections You must select four (4) alternate courses. Alternate courses are used when your first-choice electives are unavailable. Be very careful in selecting your alternate courses as they will be used when it is necessary to accommodate your required courses.

10 Registration Process and Dates  You can log into Career Cruiser at home to view your teacher recommendations. Recommendations will be noted with a star.  Course descriptions can be located in the 2013-2014 Curriculum Guide link located at the top of the ISS website.  Students will make their elective and alternate selections directly on the registration card located in your packet.  Completed cards will be DUE Monday, March 11 th at your middle school. ***Students who do not meet the deadline will be assigned electives and alternates by the High School***

11 Schedule Changes You will have a chance to review your course selections in April when Option Verification Forms are sent home through your Middle School.  Option Verification Forms (OVF)will need to be signed and returned to the middle school.  Parents or Students requesting a course change can make the change directly on the form.  Parents and students will be REQUIRED to sign the Course Waiver on the back of the OVF if going against a teacher recommendation. NO changes in rigor will be permitted without a completed waiver form.  NO schedule changes will be granted AFTER the OVF/Waivers are submitted, unless the student is missing a pre-requisite.

12 Summer Camp Information  Summer camp : Allows you to meet other incoming 9 th graders Find your way around the school Meet new teachers Engage in activities to prepare you for High School Be the first students to receive your schedule, even before Seniors.  Summer Camp: Dates to be determined  Please turn completed forms to the labeled box located in the commons.  Specific date and activity information will be provided via email so please write legibly.

13 Comment Card  Please take a moment before you leave to fill out the yellow Comment Card located in your registration packet.  It will give us valuable information in planning these events.  Please place these cards in the bins located in the Commons Area on your way out.

14 Closing  We appreciate your attendance this evening and we welcome you to the Wildcat Family.  All departments are located throughout the first floor to answer questions and give guidance on course selections.  Counselors are set up outside the Auditorium to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have.

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