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DLI UPDATE 2008-2009 Michel Séguin Statistics Canada March 02, 2008.

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1 DLI UPDATE 2008-2009 Michel Séguin Statistics Canada March 02, 2008

2 u Organizational changes u Changes in the DLI Community u Changes in the EAC and Education Committees u Changes in the DLI Collection u Present Projects – priorities u Annual report 2006/2007 u Compleat Survival Kit u DLI Interface and IMDB u DDI u DLI contacts and designates survey

3 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Ivan Fellegi, currently Chief Statistician Chief Statistician Emeritus following his retirement, effective June 16, 2008. Dr. Ivan Fellegi

4 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Currently Chief Statistician Designate, effective March 3, 2008 Chief Statistician, effective June 16, 2008. Dr. Munir Sheikh

5 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Vicki Crompton – Director General Will retire in June 2008

6 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Director of Communications and Library Services Division Eric St. John

7 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Assistant-Director of Communications and Library Services Division Bernie Gloyn

8 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Assistant-Director of Communications and Library Services Division Bernie Gloyn

9 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Will be going on leave as of August 2008 Marie-Claire Lauzon

10 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Renée Rocan Renée occupies the administrative officer position as acting since May 2008 We are completing a competition and hoping that she will qualify

11 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Contract for Gaëtan Drolet has been renewed for this fiscal year Gaëtan Drôlet

12 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Bookmarked through the Alumni Program at STC Works only a few hours a week for DLI Prepare the minutes from the EAC meeting Other work such as the Strategy Document Remains well connected to the DLI Mike Sivyer

13 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Since we bookmarked Mike – He went through quite a lot of changes Mike Sivyer

14 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Other staffing plans for the beginning of FY 08/09 Another Marie-Claire Another André

15 Visited: Niagara College Durham College Nova Scotia College will be visited in Fall 2008 New colleges that have joined the DLI Humber College University of the Fraser Valley This brings the membership to 74 DLI MEMBERSHIP

16 Other institutions have made inquiries about joining DLI u BCIT u Olds College - December 2007 u Justice Institute of BC - December 2007 u Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology – December 2007 u Lakeland College - February 2008 u Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Libraries - February 2008 u Sheridan College - February 2008 u Fleming College - February 2008 DLI MEMBERSHIP

17 Visit to new members: Niagara College

18 DLI MEMBERSHIP Visit to new members: Durham College

19 EAC MEMBERSHIP Nancy Darcovich from Health Statistics Division has join the EAC The executive will also look for another STC representative to replace Jeffrey Smith Nicole Doyle has been invited to the next EAC as a guest EAC will also look at changes to membership over time Minutes from the EAC committee

20 Education Committee Jennifer Adam has replaced Mary McLeod on the Education Committee Sharon Neary has resigned from the Education Committee and is replaced by Jean Blackburn The committee met in September 2007 Minutes from the Education Committee I will propose at the next EAC that we have another meeting in the Fall of 2008 to look at needs for services and support to Colleges

21 DLI COLLECTION The regular updates to the collection for 2006 census Geography and 2006 Census, Postal codes files, CCHS files, etc… 1986 and 1981 census basic summary tables (BSTs) – 1971 and 1976 will be coming later. Presently working with International Trade Division to identify what could be made available (presentation on this tomorrow)

22 DLI COLLECTION See additions and changes to the FTP collection Mirror site at the University of Alberta Plus other surveys not from Statistics Canada DFO – Catch and Effort Data (Fisheries and Oceans) Youth Smoking 2004 Canadian Addiction Survey

23 DLI COLLECTION Other initiative: Landings Data from Citizenship and Immigration Canada Working group in Statistics Canada is exploring access of PUMF from longitudinal files Input – Output tables

24 PRESENT PRIORITIES Annual Report 06/07 Has been sent to all Library Directors and to DLI contacts Also distributed to all STC Directors DLI Update Has been translated Should be released this month or latest in May Looking for articles for the next one

25 PRESENT PRIORITIES DDI – Data Documentation Initiative Nesstar and the best practice document on Web CTUMS from 2001 - 2007 are now available Coming soon: Youth Smoking Survey – 2002 Public Service Employee Opinion Survey 2002 and 2005 Residential Telephone Service Survey 2004 (May and December) 2005 and 2006 Statistics Canada best practices document relating to tagging files based on DDI version 1-3 Statistics Canada best practices document relating to tagging files based on DDI version 1-3

26 PRESENT PRIORITIES DLI Contacts and Designates Survey Thanks to everyone that participated Gaëtan will be doing the analysis Results will be shared with everyone Repsonse rates: English Contacts52 French Contacts14 Total66 English Designates24 French Designates07 Total31 Overall Response Rate: 82 % Contacts: 92% Designates: 67%

27 PRESENT PRIORITIES Compleat Survival Kit DLI Site Interface plus all documentation in background on IMDB

28 Great Announcement COPUL is pleased to announced that two Outstanding Contribution Awards for 2008: Chuck Humphrey, University of Alberta Many contributions through ACCOLEDS Gwen Bird, Simon Fraser University For her services as the COPPUL representative on the CRKN Negotiations Resource Team

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