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Augusta County Schools Playground Safety Training:

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1 Augusta County Schools Playground Safety Training:

2 Playground Safety Facts
In the United States, an average of 250,000 playground related injuries and 17 playground related deaths are reported each year. 44% of playground injuries result from inadequate supervision that contribute to playground injuries Most playground injuries occur within the first five minutes of the children's arrival. 79% Of injuries are the result of falls.

3 Three safety components
Safe equipment Playground maintenance Good supervisory practices

4 Safe Equipment Guidelines for planning and purchasing playground equipment are found in the handbook.

5 Playground Maintenance

6 Fall / Use Zone Fall or use zone means the area underneath a piece of equipment and surrounding the equipment far enough to include a child’s trajectory in the event of a fall.

7 Critical Height Based on tests, 9 inches of compressed Engineered Wood Fiber will protect a child on equipment up to 10 feet in height. Twelve inches will protect a child on equipment up to 11 feet in height.

8 Resilient Surfacing Where playground equipment is provided,
resilient surfacing shall comply with minimum safety standards…A fall zone shall encompass sufficient area to include the child’s trajectory in the event of a fall while the equipment is in use.

9 Resilient Surfacing Should be at a minimum of 9-12 inches of Wood chips (engineered wood fiber). Refer to playground handbook.

10 Use/Fall Zone ~ Slides Six feet on all sides
Four feet plus the height of the slide in front of the slide chute a six foot high sliding board requires a 10 foot use zone

11 Use/Fall Zone ~ Swings The basic use zone is 6 feet, however, for swings, the use zone is twice the height of the swing beam in the front and back 6 foot beam = 12 or 24 foot use zone 8 foot beam = 16 or 32 foot use zone

12 Entrapment Head entrapment occurs when the body fits through a space but the child’s head cannot pass through the same space. Young children’s heads are larger than their bodies.

13 Entrapment Play equipment used by children shall meet the following requirements: 1. Openings above the ground or floor which allow a 3.5 inch by rectangle to fit through shall also allow a nine-inch circle to fit through;

14 Measuring Entrapment Spaces
The torso of a small child can pass through a 3.5 X 6.25 inch opening

15 Measuring Entrapment Spaces
The head of a child can pass through a 9 inch circular opening.

16 “S” Hooks S-hooks, where provided, may not be open more than the thickness of a dime;

17 SUPERVISION When staff are supervising children, they shall always ensure their care, protection and guidance. –See Playground Handbook

18 Safe equipment is not enough
because equipment does not supervise children

19 Active Supervision Means:
Clear lines of sight Scan the area every 20 seconds Move around and actively monitor behavior

20 Playground Supervision To Ensure Supervision:
Have a plan Active, not passive supervision Establish rules of safe play or safe conduct Anticipate: behavior before it occurs

21 A PLAN MEANS: Your School has a written playground safety plan-see Handbook The staff should know and follow the plan

22 Simple Playground Rules
Stay in your own space Make room for others Look before you leap Chips stays on the ground Walk between the swings and slide Use the slide ladder Respect each other Take turns

23 ANTICIPATE MEANS: Stop unsafe behavior immediately: Bullying
Improper use of equipment The “mad” dash Unsafe clothing such as drawstrings on hoods

24 Anticipate: Children running ahead of the main group
Late arriving children Transitions: Going out to or coming in from the playground Restroom location Visually sweep a new area upon arrival Moving from area to area

25 Playground SAFEty Summary
S = Supervision A = Age Appropriate F = Fall zones/Surfacing E = Equipment Maintained

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