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Thank you for coming to our nursery training! Your service and dedication to this ministry is greatly appreciated!

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1 Thank you for coming to our nursery training! Your service and dedication to this ministry is greatly appreciated!

2 * Must be 12 or older * Fill out commitment card * If over 18, complete background check * Now must be completed online * If yours needs to be updated, you will receive an e-mail from Sandra * Must attend nursery training (you are here, so you qualify) * Have a love of children and sharing God’s word with them

3 1. Service options 2. Commitment level 3. Update phone numbers or other information 4. Age preference (ex. if you do not feel comfortable around newborns – I will try my best to honor)

4  2 - 3 year old rooms 8:1  1-2 year old rooms 6:1  Infant rooms 3:1

5  Reminders calls will be made the week before.  All weekly workers will be posted on the board by the nursery desk.  Check-In  Check-Out  Every week volunteers will be listed on a slide to be shown at the beginning of each service.

6  8:30 am service – Be in the room by 8:20  9:50 – Find your room by 9:40 am  10:45 am service – Find your room by 10:35 am  Arriving early allows previous worker to get to their next location on time (courtesy)  If you are unable to work on your scheduled date, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  If you miss more than two Sundays and do not find a replacement, I will take you off of the rotation.

7  Khaki (staff)  Green (volunteer)  Put in laundry basket up by nursery desk when finished

8 Receiving children  Members and regular attendees will have a check in sheet:  Check in children at their assigned class.  Pass their children through the security windows.  Pagers Visitors will check in at the nursery desk and the child will wear a purple nametag.

9 Pick-up Time  Members/Regular attenders will hand you a check out sheet for each of their children  Visitors should present the backside of the purple name tag What? NO CHECK OUT SHEET – NO CHILD  Seek me for assistance

10 SAFETY  Family Issues  Husband and Wife  Uncles and Aunts  Grandma and Grandpa  Siblings should not pick up child

11  Boards (134, 135)  Helps communication  Naps, feedings, allergies, etc.  Curriculum  2 & 3 year old Sunday School lesson during Sunday School  Baby Church or Little Lambs curriculum, coloring page during services

12 * Staff should accompany children to restroom. * If no paid staff person is in the room during your hour, adult female should take. * Leave the bathroom door open. * Any questions, or if you need help, please call me using the intercom in each room.

13 Diaper Changes  Diaper changes are to be done by workers in this order: Paid workers, female adults, youth, men  Diaper tags  Please make sure each child gets a diaper change or visits the restroom each hour

14  Schedules  Notes to Parents  Snacks – At the room tables  Portion control please, ½ juice / ½ water, small cup of goldfish  Food allergies are listed in the rooms, those affected may eat cheerios  Clean up time  Clorox, spray, diaper genies

15 * Wipe down toys with Clorox wipes and spray room with Lysol spray * Wipe table with Clorox wipes * Stack chairs (132, 133) * Pull window door closed * Turn off room and bathroom lights * Pull window shades down * Sweep floor * Wash any cups/dishes

16  First Aid/CPR Training  Date to be determined  Please sign up if you are interested  Injury or concern  Incident report  Suspicious markings  Confidentiality

17 * Tornado: * Infant rooms (134,135) stay put- they are interior rooms * Everyone else needs to head for the women’s restrooms * Parents may not take their children, but they may come along to take cover * Please grab the roster off of the front of the door before leaving

18 * Fire * Depending on where the fire is, we will exit out the opposite end. * If the fire is on the west side or by the sanctuary, we will all go out the back nursery door that leads to the playground. * If the fire is on the east side, we will exit out the double doors by the nursery desk. * Once again, parents may go along with us, but they may not take their child until we are all out and accounted for. * Grab the roster on the front or back of the door. * ***BEING CALM AND GETTING THE CHILDREN TO THE PROPER DESTINATION IS OUR MAIN CONCERN.

19 *Ideally, one person from each nursery family will be volunteering in the nursery * Recruit more youth, adults without young children

20 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMITMENT TO THIS MINISTRY! Because of you, parents are able to worship without worrying.

21 * Please feel free to contact me anytime. * * 299-1989x215 work * 493-3033 home

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