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Where you sit today… is where you stay! Welcome to class! Do not turn on the computers!

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2 Where you sit today… is where you stay! Welcome to class! Do not turn on the computers!

3 Assignments Not handed in during class on day due will lose a full letter grade for each day late Not accepted after the 3 rd day Should be in publishable format Clearly identified –Name, class, assignment, period, date –No name – no credit Save to student’s folder on server –Not in folder – automatic zero (0)

4 Tests Taken on days scheduled, unless other arrangements have been made. Taken outside of class time on day of return if absent on scheduled day. Students are to do own work and keep their eyes on own paper/monitor. No use of restroom unless it is urgent.

5 Evaluation Students will be graded on total points: –80 % Assignments, quizzes, tests, technique/quality –10 % Attitude, participation, behavior –10 % Final exam Grading Scale A93-100% B85-92% C77-84% D70-76% Fbelow 70% I don’t give grades, you earn them!

6 Participation Students: –must actively participate in a mature and cooperative manner in all activities. –encouraged to ask relevant questions. Participation points based on: –class participation. –respect for others and equipment. –proper and appropriate behavior and attitude. –willingness to give and receive help. –following classroom & school rules and procedures.

7 Behavior Student’s are expected to: –be attentive to the presentation of material and while fellow students, guests, and instructor is contributing constructively to class. –be courteous to others by not interrupting and giving them your full attention. –use appropriate language. “Inhales rapidly” instead of “sucks”

8 Behavior Student’s are expected to: –not leave class without permission and a pass. Must have your planner with a signed pass!! There will be NO passes to the cafeteria!! –not leave class early. You will be marked for an unexcused absence if you leave class early or without permission!!

9 Tardies Must be in seat when bell rings 3 rd tardy –receive warning 4 th tardy –receive detention 5 th and subsequent tardies –teacher’s cut and a zero (0)

10 Absences Fill out absent form Complete missed work on own time –1 day for each day absent plus 1 day Get assignments from instructor Excused – complete work in advance Unexcused – zero Excessive – may result in determination student is unable to complete class

11 Classroom Procedures You as a student are: –responsible for your own learning. –responsible for all material presented in class, as well as in the textbooks. –encouraged to take notes. –expected to come in outside of class if you get behind on assignments. before/after school and/or Period 5. –to get permission to use the lab and only the approved student will be permitted in the lab during the designated time.

12 First class of the day needs to turn on the computers. NO CANDY, FOOD OR DRINKS!!! Stay off the Internet! Unless you have permission from the instructor (planner signed by you and parent or guardian). Absolutely NO DOWNLOADING, EMAIL, or GAMES! No copying to or from the computers (Copyright law) No Visiting... Listening to music in class is not allowed While you are in class…

13 Stay seated at all times! Textbooks are not to leave the classroom and are to be handled so as not to cause any damage. Instructions will be given at the beginning of class following attendance and ID check. Do not interrupt instructor while attendance is being taken. Bathroom visits and drinks are to be done before class. Commit yourself to excellence! While you are in class…

14 Treat others with respect! Don’t bother them. If the intercom comes on, stop and listen to the announcement. Safety – do not lean back or slide around in chairs and the aisles are to remain clear of book bags etc. Cheating is unacceptable!!! All those involved will receive a zero and detention. If you have a question, raise your hand! When you finish assignments early… Technology misuse… While you are in class…

15 When using equipment in class… use it the way it is meant to be used! Notify the instructor immediately about any damaged equipment! While you are in class…

16 “It’s time to clean up” Log off computer when directed by instructor! Stay seated until dismissed by the instructor! Push chairs in when you leave. Last class of the day needs to shut down the computers! At the end of class…

17 Follow all other school rules! ID’s Clothing Language Weapons Respect Drugs Stevens High School Rules…

18 Consequences Warning! Lose points!! Excused from class!!!!! Dropped from class!!!!!! Call parents!!!! Discipline Matrix!!! Click the close button (x) in the upper right corner of this window to return to the website!

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