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Ms. Lohman’s Rules and Expectations

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1 Ms. Lohman’s Rules and Expectations

2 How to keep me happy  Be here, be ready! Be respectful! Be positive!
Be dressed for success! Be your best!

3 Be here, be ready! Please be on time
Please be prepared with all of your materials

4 Be respectful! People may forget what you say, but they will NEVER forget the WAY YOU MADE THEM FEEL. Treat others the way you want to be treated! Take care of this campus– its your home away from home!

5 Be positive! Try to look on the bright side– it will make the learning experience much more fun 

6 Be dressed for success! School is where you are working towards your future– dress appropriately! No flip- flops 4 finger rule for tank tops No short shorts If your pants won’t stay near your waist– WEAR A BELT (or we’ll get you some zip ties! ) When in doubt– cover it up!

7 Be your best! Don’t wait until you need your reputation to start thinking about building a good one! You will never get the RIGHT results by doing the WRONG thing!

8 Class Rules! No borrowing materials from anyone!
No talking while the teacher is talking. Do not pack up before the teacher tells you to do so. No horseplay or roughhousing. No food, gum, candy or drinks allowed. Always have a #2 pencil with you on testing days. No planner = no pass!

9 Consequences for Breaking Rules
Verbal Warning Reflection Page Bounced & Call Home Detention & Call Home Referral & Call Home

10 Class Procedures: Entering the Classroom
Be SEATED, SILENT, and ON TASK as quickly as possible! Sharpen pencils before the late bell. Check your graded assignments folder once per week (Mon-Thurs)

11 Classroom Procedures: During Class
If you need something, raise your hand. If you need a pass, fill out ALL the info BEFORE you ask me Do not talk at all unless the teacher has told you its okay to do so.

12 Class Procedures: Leaving Class
Make sure your area is clean and tidy. Write down homework assignments in your planner. Wait for Ms. Lohman to dismiss class. I dismiss you, NOT THE BELL!

13 Class Procedures: Hallways and Walkways
Silent Single-file line Walk to the right side Stay together as a group

14 Your Roster Number I will assign you a roster #/seat #
Make sure that number is on EVERY PAPER you turn in! Class textbooks: Textbook # = seat #

If pass usage gets excessive, I WILL CALL HOME! Do NOT ask for a pass within the first or last 10 minutes of class, or while I am in the middle of teaching.

16 Restroom Passes You get 3 restroom passes from me for each quarter– if you lose the red pass or if you use all three then you will not be leaving class! Must also have your planner (No planner = NO PASS) Must have pass filled out Do NOT ask for a pass within the first or last 10 minutes of class, or while I am in the middle of teaching.

17 Homework Is assigned every Monday Due every Friday.
Must have homework in the basket by the time class starts on Friday.

18 Quizzes Quizzes are given every Friday. 7 questions Multiple choice
I will drop the lowest score at the end of the quarter. If you are absent on a Friday– you have until Thursday of the next week to make up the quiz.

19 What will we learn this year?
First Quarter (Big Ideas 1 &14) Nature of Science Lab Safety Cell Theory Characteristics of Living Things Mitosis Second Quarter (Big Ideas 14 & 16) Human Body Systems Infectious Diseases Heredity and Genetics Meiosis Fourth Quarter (Big Idea 3,15, 2) Classification Differentiation between Scientific models, theories, hypotheses, and laws Evolutionary Processes (Natural Selection, Adaptation, Fossil Records) Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge Third Quarter (Big Idea 16, 17, 18) Mendelian Genetics Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration Food Chains, Food Webs and Energy Pyramids

20 Supplies COLMS Planner (given to each student by school)
100 page college-ruled spiral notebook 3 inch binder Colored pencils Glue Sticks 2 pens (any color) 2 pencils (mechanical preferred) $10 lab donation

21 If You Are Absent As soon as you return, you check the make up work calendar and worksheet binder to get your missing assignments. DO NOT COME TO ME AND ASK ME WHAT DID I MISS?

22 Late Work If you cannot turn in an assignment on the day it is due, come talk to me so we can arrange a reasonable time frame for turning the work in. Last day for late work is the Friday before grades are due.

23 Grading Scale 100% - 90% = A 89% - 80% = B 79% - 70% = C 69% - 60% = D
59% or below = F

24 Advanced Students Must maintain a “C” average or higher to remain in advanced Science! Must complete a Science Fair Project– more info on this later.

25 Your success is your responsibility!
In order to be successful in this course, it is necessary to be on time and in your seat when the tardy bell rings, prepared with materials for the class (paper, pens, pencils, notebook, planner, etc.), turn in your assignments on time, and do what is asked of you. If you don’t understand something, please ask me. I am here to help you!

26 Academic Integrity (Honesty in Learning Policy):
Students are expected to maintain academic integrity. There should never be any plagiarism, cheating, or any other type of academic dishonesty. All potential cases of academic dishonesty will be settled by notifying administrators, notifying the parents of all students involved, and the student(s) will be given a zero for the assignment. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

27 Classroom Courtesy Above all, I expect the behavior in the classroom to be exceptional. There should never be any interfering with my initiative to teach. When you respect yourself and are committed to the learning experience, our classroom will function efficiently and pleasantly 

28 Class Website Yes! We have a class website!

29 Any Questions???

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