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October2014. Genesis of Strategic Business Plan Early in 2014 the WAMSA Committee appreciated the growth in and important role of Men’s Sheds in WA and.

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1 October2014

2 Genesis of Strategic Business Plan Early in 2014 the WAMSA Committee appreciated the growth in and important role of Men’s Sheds in WA and identified the need to: meet contemporary and future requirements; effectively support existing sheds; effectively support the large number of new sheds likely to be established in the future. This led to the development of a Strategic Business Plan through 2014

3 The “Plan” has to: Identify the needs of men’s sheds in Western Australia Suggest strategies for WAMSA to meet those needs Suggest strategies for WAMSA to meet the expectations of the Department of Health Review the effectiveness of the current WAMSA strategies Review WAMSA governance, financial viability and structure Understand the roles and relationships between WAMSA and AMSA and recommend changes if required Review WAMSA’s risk profile and recommend strategies to manage same Ensure WAMSA remains relevant to WA sheds in particular and the WA community.

4 Introduction The Plan recognises: Men’s Sheds in WA – history of formation, 155 on database, 83 financial; Initial planning in 2011; Current restrictive funding – WA Dept of Health - $65,000/an: Increase membership of WAMSA by 25%; Promote at least three health initiatives to WA sheds each year; Arrange an annual seminar/workshop or a major conference every second year; Develop strategies to assist sheds to cater for men with special needs; Provide a web based “Shed in a Box” that complements the resources provided by AMSA; A database of WA sheds is established and maintained; Advocate the benefits of Men’s Sheds to at least five Local Authorities/Community Organisations per year; and Number of queries responded to annually. Relationship with AMSA – and need to see the different roles with WAMSA as the prominent organisation in WA; Background of supporting research – education focus initially, role in Male Health now more prominent; Value of mentoring through sheds and hence relationships with disadvantage;

5 Planning Process Used the Enterprise Review Process:

6 The New Strategic Framework Vision Men’s Sheds that are accessible to and contribute to the health, happiness and well- being of all men in WA, so benefitting the whole Western Australian community. Mission WAMSA is the representative organisation that assists the establishment, development and operation of Men’s Sheds in Western Australia, and promotes the benefits of Men’s Sheds to the wider community and stakeholders.

7 The New Strategic Framework (cont.) Five Year Strategy WAMSA will build on special project funding to consolidate its network, improve its member and stakeholder services and confirm its sustainable position as the representative body for all Men’s Sheds in Western Australia. Basis for Growth WAMSA will grow on the back of a continued increase in the number and activity of Men’s Sheds in WA. Sustainable Competitive Advantage WAMSA will succeed by providing excellent service that benefits all of Western Australia’s Men’s Sheds and maintaining strong relationships with all of its stakeholders.

8 Critical Success Factors 1. Effective support services to members (sheds). 2. Communication and promotion of WAMSA. 3. Sustainable and professional governance and operations for WAMSA. 4. Ongoing funding for WAMSA. 5. Men’s sheds contributing to men’s health and well-being. 6. A positive relationship with Local Government to support sheds. 7. Positive relationships with State and Federal governments to support WAMSA 8. Working with the community and special groups. 9. An effective relationship with AMSA.

9 Objectives and Supporting Actions 1. WAMSA will provide a wide range of support services and standard packages to its member sheds. Governance to support all stages of development; Financial management; Operations including workshop health, safety and duty of care; Communications; Distribution of information; Access to resources; Dispute resolution; Visitation 2. WAMSA will be effectively promoted and will foster excellent two way communications with its stakeholders including. State government: –. Agencies; –. Ministers and members; Local government; Corporate sector; Not-for-profit sector. 3. Sustainable and professional Governance and operations for WAMSA. Governance package; Operations manuals; 4. Ongoing Funding for WAMSA’s core activities. Aim to have funding for; –. Shed support work; –. Government and stakeholder relationships; Sources; –. Government; –. Corporate; –. Activities; –. Develop templates for compliant outcomes, focussed reporting;

10 Objectives and Supporting Actions (Cont.) 5. Demonstrate the contributions of Men’s Sheds to men’s health and well-being. Using known information and the results of research publicise the benefits: Health maintenance; – Positive messages; – Benefits to women and families; Encourage dedicated research that demonstrates the benefits of Men’s Sheds. – Establish local links with research groups; – Drive the research agenda; – Involve government throughout; 6. Establish and maintain excellent relationships with Local Government. Encourage Men’s Sheds as a Community objective; Encourage local government to position Men’s Sheds prominently in their policy; 7. Establish and maintain excellent relationships with State and Federal governments. Influence policy on Men’s Sheds; 8. Investigate and develop relationships between Men’s Sheds and community and special groups; Confirm widespread benefits; – Prisons; – Youth; – Men with disabilities; – Community services; 9. Ensure WAMSA is complementary to AMSA. WAMSA to have a positive working relationship with AMSA; Clearly delineate roles and responsibilities.

11 Finance


13 Finance Sumnmary Income Membership; Conference; Sponsorship; Donations; Government Partnership. Expenditure Salaries – Exec Off, Marketing & Comms, Technical, Admin; Office; Travel; IT; Marketing; Research Support.

14 Constitution and Committee/Board Changes Objects amended to reflect roles ; Peak Body Role: for representation and promotion of the movement in WA; Support Role: Planning and developing sheds; Services to existing sheds; Facilitated communication between sheds; Structure and governance; Men’s Health and Well Being: Promote physical and mental disease prevention through involvement; Raise awareness; Promote the value of sheds; Promote interaction in times of change; Promote welcomeness; Facilitate links Assist Community Development: Partnerships; Sharing, dissemination and preservation of skills, abilities, interests;

15 Constitution and Committee/Board Changes Membership amended to reflect sheds as members not individuals ; Committee to be replaced by a Board (Sheds a significant business) Elected and Appointed members; Remaining connected to sheds but; Adding skills and connectedness; Men’s Sheds can be made more prominent and be better recognised Three year rolling membership; Additional three year terms possible; Establish a GIFT Fund to reflect receipt of monies for specific purposes ; Wind-up rules to reflect current convention;

16 Case Studies in 4 pager

17 What Does it Mean to Men’s Sheds in WA? 1.A Process that has demonstrated WAMSA’s scope and commitment; 2.A Contemporary and professional presentation of WAMSA and Men’s Sheds in WA; 3.Access and promotion to key stakeholders through the process; 4.A New approach to Sustainable and professional governance and operations for WAMSA; 5.Project Term and then aiming for sustainable (government and other) funding for WAMSA and its role with Sheds in WA; 6.A Professional presentation of Men’s sheds contributing to men’s health and well-being. 7.A positive relationship with all Government to support sheds. 8.Demonstration of work with the community and special groups. 9.An effective statement for the relationship with AMSA.


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