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1 SUNGARD AVAILABILITY SERVICES Messaging and Collaboration - E-mail Availability Service - Notification Service.

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1 1 SUNGARD AVAILABILITY SERVICES Messaging and Collaboration - E-mail Availability Service - Notification Service

2 2 E-MAIL AVAILABILITY SERVICES (EAS) SunGard EAS provides e-mail continuity and enterprise notification SunGard Messaging and Collaboration Services EAS is a fully-integrated standby e-mail system that can be activated, by the customer, in as little as 60-seconds to provide access to e-mail during a planned or unplanned outage Notification provides 2-way emergency communications with employees via phone, e-mail, and pager E-Mail Availability Service (EAS) Notification Service

3 3 SUNGARD NOTIFICATION SERVICE SunGard Notification Service provides the communication backbone for crisis management

4 4 During a crisis, disaster or critical business moment, normal lines of communication will likely fail when you need them most. SunGard’s Notification Service provides executives and managers with a direct communication channel to employees, customers and other constituents. SunGard provides an effective method designed to quickly and securely, and reliably distribute and collect information in real-time using all available electronic modes of communication. The Notification Service Value Proposition

5 5 Importance of Communication Continuity If you can’t communicate, you can’t recover “Manually dialed telephone call trees are no longer acceptable for emergency notification. Effective incident management requires automation to ensure business continuity.” - Gartner, Inc

6 6 Notification Service Overview Notification Service is powerful, dependable and enterprise-class Enable 2-way Emergency Communications Automatically escalate between an unlimited number of devices to reach an individual. When a person is contacted, they may be asked a question, or connected to a live conference bridge. Fully Integrated to Your IT Environment Synchronizes contact data from HR, DR Planning, e-mail, and other systems to ensure data accuracy and completeness. Designed for Security & Privacy The hierarchical security model allows you to restrict the scope and permissions of any user of the system. This capability is key to enabling departmental use of the system within a larger organization. Hosted at SunGard’s Global Hardened Datacenters Notification Services are delivered from SunGard’s global network of hardened datacenters enabling international call origination, in-country inbound phone numbers, and compliance with international data privacy regulations. Supports Many Use Cases Used today for crisis management, employee roll call, security mobilizations, IT outage communication, site closures, product recalls, and hundreds of other use cases. SunGard EAS Premium Notification

7 7 Notification Service Overview How it works Choose recipients based on team, location, skill, email distribution list, or any other data element Contact lists are synchronized with your systems of record so they are always up-to-date Granular security model allows you to limit access to contacts and private data Initiate messages via the web or via phone Messages can be recorded or text-to- speech Messages can be pre- planned and stored as part of scenarios Organize and manage related notifications as a single incident Reach people via e-mail, phone, fax, text message, or pager Bring recipients into a live conference bridge Ask questions and collect data in real-time Authenticate recipients for private messages Escalate between recipients based on rules & responses Analyze collected data in real-time Examine notification effectiveness Identify respondents for follow-up: Who needs help? Who was never reached? Full audit trail of all notification attempts

8 8 Infrastructure Always Available  Dedicated capacity  Infrastructure dedicated to DR  Infrastructure distributed across SunGard’s global network of datacenters. Maintains Accurate Contact Information  Synchronization with HR, directory, e-mail, and DR planning systems  Auto-synchronization of new employees  Auto-notify users to update contact information. Easy to Send Notifications During a Crisis  Activate via web, IVR, live phone support, or web services API  Incident Management enables end-to-end crisis management. Security & Data Privacy  Control who can send notifications, see contact information and 12 other permissions  Compartmentalize departments, locations, etc., so they do not interfere with each other  International hosting complies with EU data privacy requirements. Supports Inbound & Outbound Communication  Widest variety of outbound notification modes  The EAS Hotline™ allows you to integrate inbound and outbound notification processes through a simple phone number. 1 2 3 4 5 Summary: Essential Notification Requirements Only SunGard’s Notification Service meets the 5 essential requirements for emergency notification 5 reasons why the largest enterprises trust EAS Premium Notification

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