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Education for All Education for All A Human Rights Issue.

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2 Education for All Education for All A Human Rights Issue

3 EFA A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) The Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) The World Conference on Education (Jomtien, 1990) The World Conference on Special Needs Education (Salamanca, 1994) The World Education Forum (Dakar, 2000) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2007) Qatar conference on Educational Challenges08


5 SIX DAKAR GOALS 1) Expand and Improve Comprehensive Early Childhood Care and Education for the Most Vulnerable 2) Ensure Primary Education for Girls, Children in Difficult Circumstances, and Ethnic Minorities 3) Ensure Equitable Access to Learning and Life Skills Programs

6 SIX DAKAR GOALS 4) Achieve Improvement in Adult Literacy and Access to Basic and Continuing Education 5) Eliminate Gender Disparities in Primary and Secondary Education and Achieving Gender Equality in Education 6) Improve All Aspects of the Quality of Education and Ensuring Excellence of All

7 Children with Disabilities Education for All


9 GOAL of the FLAGSHIP To promote access to and completion of education of high quality for all affected by disability

10 Objectives of the Flagship Assist countries with their national plans Work with other flagships Mobilize resources Promote networking Promote quality training of teachers Work with donors Promote policy and legislation

11 Ongoing trends EFA Creative approaches discovery Contributions from Parents / Educators All are included regardless differences All levels Basic, Interm, Sec. University Inclusive Education is One but many approaches

12 Inclusion is Philosophy Inherent right to participate Acceptance of differences Space for whom otherwise be excluded Collaboration, Teamwork, Flexibility Willingness to take risks & Support from Individuals, Services & Institutions

13 Inclusion is Practice All students including PWD together Sufficient Support, age appropriate Regular school Programs Neighborhood schools Lead to productive life in community With full participation


15 Inclusion is Evolving Understanding the full Inclusion PWD are part of Regular Ed. System May have Different needs May move to Different curricular goals Within common combined curriculum

16 Inclusion is Rewarding for all people involved When appropriately carried Benefit for PWSN as for others Friendship & Appreciation from others PWSN are more motivated All of that is carried home & in Community


18 Inclusion is not A passing Fad Many legislation confirms inclusion Since all benefit including PWSN Most bylaws are not well explained There should be firm criteria for Inc ED Laws should assure quality education for all

19 Inclusion is not Dumping PWSN “simply” placed with others Appropriate Support is inevitable Specialized services are needed Burden should not put on teachers Peers & teachers should have skills too Planning, Follow up, support to all

20 Inclusion is not Easy Partnership among Parents / Educators / administrators Working together in Incl. Education Ongoing Problem Solving Evaluation and Monitoring


22 Inclusion is not Mainstreaming Mstrmng is PWSN from Sp Ed visit Regular Classes Inclusive Education where PWSN stay in Regular Classroom PWSN can benefit from other services The can visit such services outside the regular programs

23 Successful Inclusion Means commitment to Inclusion Philosophy Believe & share equal values by all All schools vision should make that clear in their statements Ed. Goals of PWSN are of equal value to those of others


25 Successful Inclusion Means Accountability Assure that all related personnel at district, building, & classroom levels perform appropriately their tasks and fulfill their responsibilities. Spe. Ed. Department have clear defined role Policies statements are accordingly set


27 Successful Inclusion Means Careful Assessment and planning Guarantee that program is appropriate Assure adequate support Long & Short Goals are met Strengths & weaknesses Assessment Parents role in IEP

28 Successful Inclusion Means Collaboration All participants are equal partners Teachers works in & outside classroom Peers become allies & friends All parent interact with school system Inclusion works on collaborative term only


30 Successful Inclusion Means Flexibility Guarantee flexibility on every stage/process Curriculum adaptation to be made /unique needs addressed All willing to accept compromises Trials of new situations


32 Successful Inclusion Means Funding Funds availability for support services Implementation of Inclusive measures proved to be less that the expenses of segregated kind of education

33 Flagship on the Rights of Persons with a Disability: Towards Inclusion

34 Successful Inclusion Means Good Leadership Throughout the entire inclusive process Principals & superintendents believe in Foster supportive environment Flexible in challenging situations Supervisor’s backing/support to teachers Encouraged personnel work efficiently

35 Successful Inclusion Means Social skills & peer relationship Peers are role models in speech & behavior Support in and outside school activities Cooperative learning situations Peer support groups Friendship to be extended out-classrooms


37 Successful Inclusion Means Support Everything to meet assigned IEP goals Additional personnel may present in class Support networks, curricula adaptation Program may change, physical accessibility Therapies to be available Support may be extensive responds to needs Teachers support from team work, parents feedback access to resources & collaboration

38 Successful Inclusion Means Transition planning Alleviates potential problems/expectations Preparatory training, for teachers & peers PWSN introduction to surroundings Preadmission Orientation sessions Knowledge about Sp. Needs decrease difficulties for teachers and for peers

39 Parents to know Become aware of your rights under laws. Communicate with the school system Learn about successful practices in inclusive education programs Participate in the design of your child's IEP



42 Education for All National Plans

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