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+ 2 nd Hour IEP Reading Sarah Schuette – Room 279 B.

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1 + 2 nd Hour IEP Reading Sarah Schuette – Room 279 B

2 + Welcome to IEP Reading! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. My primary goal is for students to grow into independent, life-long readers, writers, and thinkers who are prepared for successful futures! SSD Teacher Wydown Middle School Clayton High School Email: Wydown Phone number: 314-854-6494

3 + My Schedule First Hour: Reading Strategies Second Hour: IEP Reading Third Hour: Math Strategies 11:00-3:30 P.M. - Clayton High School Website:

4 + IEP Reading IEP reading is a class designed to meet specific, individualized student IEP goals, as well as class and student-created learning goals. Language! Program Progress monitoring Independent Reading Leveled books Classroom novel: strategies to increase vocabulary skills improve student ability to answer "wh" questions (both orally and in written form) enhance comprehension develop overall literacy skills.

5 + Homework Reading logs Designed to emphasize specific reading skills and strategies Fifteen minutes of reading required per night High-interest classroom novels will be chosen in conjunction with Wydown literacy teachers in order to incorporate grade-level themes and skills. It is also critical that students read books on their independent and instructional reading levels. Students benefit from independent reading as well as reading with you at home. Please read to your student as well as allow your student to read to you.

6 + Language!

7 + Suggestions for Home: Set up regular routines and a quiet space for your child to read and do homework. Check that homework has been completed. Ask about what’s being taught in Language! and other classes in school. Help your child find books he or she likes at the right level. Encourage your child to read every day. Ask your child to read out loud to you, or share the reading of a book together. Be a good role model by letting your children see you reading, writing letters or emails, and doing other literacy-related tasks. In a visible place, keep an updated list of books your child has read. Let them know you’re proud of them as they read, study, and learn!

8 + Thank you for your support! I firmly believe that collaboration and communication are of utmost importance in the education of children and adolescents; my central priority is to maintain a constant stream of effective communication and partnership with you, your child, and the IEP team. You know your child best, and with a strong partnership, your student will reach successful outcomes.

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