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Dr. David A. Gaitros MCH 103. Course Specifics  Approximately 2000+ Students  CGS2060 (computer Fluency) ~1100  CGS2100 (business apps) ~900  New.

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Presentation on theme: "Dr. David A. Gaitros MCH 103. Course Specifics  Approximately 2000+ Students  CGS2060 (computer Fluency) ~1100  CGS2100 (business apps) ~900  New."— Presentation transcript:

1 Dr. David A. Gaitros MCH 103

2 Course Specifics  Approximately 2000+ Students  CGS2060 (computer Fluency) ~1100  CGS2100 (business apps) ~900  New This term:  CGS2060 and CGS2100 are two separate courses.  CGS2060  Two Lectures instead of one.  New Edition of Book (Succeeding with Technologies)  No Skills Exams  Three Assignments only (No MS Access).  New Concept Exams and Tests

3 Course Specifics  CGS2100  Two lectures instead of one.  New Book (Shelly Cashman Series Edition 1)  No Skills Exams  Assignment #1 MS Word (Same as CGS2060)  Assignment #2 MS Excel (Same as CGS2060)  Assignment #3 Advanced MS Excel (Student Grades)  Assignment #4 Advanced MS Excel (Business sheet)  New Concept Exams

4 Course Content 2 Tests Taken in the University Center Testing Center No test proctors this term. Only one Testing Supervisor (Mr. Mendez) and one test Coordinator (Ms. Belanger) CGS2060 (3 Assignments Word, Excel, PowerPoint) CGS2100 (4 Assignments Word, 3 Excel) All take the Syllabus quiz

5 Duties Administrative Assistant (Lauren Higbee) Post Announcement weekly Receive announcements to be posted from Dr. Gaitros and TA Supervisors. Coordinate testing requirements with Test Center working with Test Supervisor and Dr. Gaitros Review Blackboard site and materials for consistency and correctness. Assist in Managing Blackboard sites and gradebooks.

6 Duties Testing Supervisor Manager Help manage system. Review and modify test times. Answer all problems concerning test issues with Test Center and Students. Clear Skills test attempts if needed. Meet weekly

7 Duties Grading Supervisor (Jon Jenkins) Initial assignment of grading duties to all grading TAs. Produce and distribute grading criteria for Homework Assignments Skills tests Work with FSU help desk to clear homework attempts Also has the permissions to clear Skills Test attempts if needed. Review grading progress of TAs, report problems to Dr. Gaitros Answer emails to and on issues of Meet once a week with Dr. Gaitros

8 Duties Help Supervisors (To be assigned) One for CGS2060 One for CGS2100 Split the Help work force among them Assign Help TAs to a time slot. Make sure the TAs are attending help sessions. Set up Discussion Boards for each Blackboard site Assign all of the TAs to run one of the discussion boards. They are to check them everyday. Assign at least 6 people (including yourself) to check and for help questions.

9 Duties (Help Continued) Help Hours MCH 302 – 24 time slots Monday – Friday 9:30 – 5:15 Meetings as required with Dr. Gaitros

10 Duties Help Desk TAs Open up MCH 302/304 and be present to assist students Familiarize yourself with the Syllabus, Agenda,, and Homework Assignments. Review Discussion threads everyday and assist students in anyway needed.

11 Duties Graders Grade Homework and Skills tests in accordance with guidance from Grading Supervisor. Post grades within 14 work days of due date of assignments. May also participate in discussion threads. May also clear attempts of students on Homework assignments only if wrong file was submitted or corrupt file.

12 First Week (Monday – Friday ) Every TA will sign up to present the Syllabus to at least two recitation sections. Sign up on the sheet provided. I want the first time TAs to pick their first time on Monday or Tuesday morning (8, 9:05, or 10:10) or Wednesday morning (8,9:05, or 10:10). Supervisors get their pick first Others, First come first serve... There are 52 slots – You must pick at least 2 times.

13 What you must do:  Get your University Email Account (FSUID)  Make sure you let me know what it is.  FSUID is required to give you access to Blackboard (  Help Desk individuals must have computer access to rooms MCH 302 and MCH 304  Go to and register to get a login for the classrooms.  Help Desk individuals provide me with your FSU ID Card Number for access to MCH 302 and MCH 304  All Teaching Assistants provide me with your FSU ID Card Number.  Sign up to give the Syllabus Brief (At least two sessions).

14 What to do (continued):  New Teaching Assistants will be required to do the homework in their assigned class before grading is due.  CGS2060 (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)  CGS2100 (MS Word, 3 MS Excel Assignments)  New TAs must take the Speak Test

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