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Behind every successful organization there is a strong work-force …. driven by me…. eOffice.

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1 Behind every successful organization there is a strong work-force …. driven by me…. eOffice

2 What it substantiates? Metcalfe's law states that the value of a communications system grows as the square of the number of users of the system (N²). eOffice collaborative software becomes more valuable when more people use it, thus underlining Metcalfe’s law.

3 Do you need it? Yes! Difficulty in collecting information Responsibility of sharing it Transforming information into knowledge Dispersed workforces Increased competition Decreased product cycles

4 What it allows? eOffice allows you to Define your corporate strategies and objectives Communicate and share them Monitor performance of dispersed projects and work-forces Fill the gaps – between people, applications & organizations

5 How it helps? eOffice helps you to Motivate your employees reach mutual goals Identify individual responsibilities Motivate for individual targets Make strategy tangible in your day to day operations Achieve corporate vision

6 Its striking features Dashboard – User cockpit Mail Management – Synchronous collaborate Work Flow – Work smart Knowledge Management – Enhance intelligence Document warehouse – Greater access to info Utilities – Better synergy Leave Management – Better resource Management

7 …Its striking features Expressions – Reflective thinking Administration – Drive the collaboration Company – Contacts @ your tips Visitors Info – Enhance accountability & security Voice recognition – Time management Integration – Enhanced MIS

8 Dashboard User cockpit, where the user can organize his schedules and assignments.

9 How it looks

10 Mail Management We don't just bring you the mail, we also ease the pressure on your budget. Conquer your fastest growing content challenge...and reclaim many hours of your workday

11 Mail Management - features Compose parallel – Communicating internal & external Compose sequential – Communication sequence Unread – Bring in accountability Seen – Initiate action

12 How it looks

13 Workflow Management The process is managed by a computer pro- gram that assigns the work, passes it on, and tracks its progress.

14 Workflow Management - features Work Assignment – Task assigning and scheduling Work Report – Tracking the task progress Work Flow – Task sequencing

15 How it looks

16 Knowledge Management Powering continuous improvement and knowledge retention.

17 Knowledge Management - features Search – Retrieval New Knowledge – Complementing K-Base Entities / Manuals – K-Base breakdown Transfer / Delete – Security

18 How it looks

19 Document Management 90% of corporate memory exists on paper Professional spend 5-15 % of their time reading information but 50% looking for it Source: Coopers & Lybrand

20 Document Management - features Search – Locator Internal – Reach faster Inbound – Self Organizer Outbound – Locator Business Files – Documents

21 How it looks

22 Leave Management Paid time off has a significant financial impact on a company's bottom line. Research has shown that employers spent an average of 14.6% of payroll on absence related benefits.

23 Leave Management - features Applied – Consent initiation Application – Formal process Received – Time off requests Definitions – Specify leave policy Periods – Business hours Holidays – Statutory time offs

24 How it looks

25 Utilities Value added features

26 Utilities - features Message – Instant communication Things to do – Organize Options – User preferences Conference library – Action support Sequence generation – Assign path Event communicator – Reminder About me – Introduce yourself etc

27 Administration Guiding the system and optimizing the usage of the same.

28 Administration - features User Creations – Contact list Set privileges – Security Department Grouping – Organizing Creating Locations – Multi-location

29 How it looks

30 Company Fast access to company information.

31 Company - features News – Updates Notice – Circulars Address Book – Key contacts Appraisal – Performance feedback Company Info. – Brief profile e-form – Templates

32 Collaboration – in use

33 ROI – eOffice assuming for an office having 50 employees.

34 Thank you! Ph: +91-40-23545853 Fax: +91-40-23545882

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