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St Columba’s Church Annual Congregational Meeting 30 March 2014 Financial Accounts for the year to 31 December 2013.

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1 St Columba’s Church Annual Congregational Meeting 30 March 2014 Financial Accounts for the year to 31 December 2013

2 Overall position We are currently in a strong position. There was an unrestricted surplus of £290,000 before investment gains in 2013. We received unrestricted legacy income of £361,000. We had gains on revaluation of unrestricted funds of £76,000. This could easily go the other way. St Columba's Accounts 2013

3 Significant changes from 2012 (unrestricted congregational income) Offerings and donations down  down 5.4% £8,000 Hall rental income down  down 2.5% £4,000 Investment income up  up 23.5% £10,000 Legacy income up  up £354,000 Net deficit before legacy income and investment gains £45,000 St Columba's Accounts 2013

4 Main sources of income 20122013 £’000 Offerings (ex Gift Aid) 187 173 Gift Aid recovered 3335 Investment income 4151 Premises rental 157153 Legacies 7361 St Columba's Accounts 2013

5 Income – offerings 20092010201120122013 £’000 Open plate6459535953 Planned giving138190168143138 Other donations 46 13 331817 248262254220208 (Figures include Gift Aid recovered) St Columba's Accounts 2013

6 Income – offerings St Columba's Accounts 2013

7 Income – Planned giving 2010201120122013 £’000 Freewill offerings40353330 Standing orders143126108104 Payroll giving 7 7 3 4 190168144138 (Figures include Gift Aid recovered) St Columba's Accounts 2013

8 Income – Planned Giving in 2013 Standing orders and Freewill Offerings in 2012 213 donors gave £113,841 – an average of £534.47 p.a. In 2013 201 donors gave £108,552 – an average of £540.06 p.a. Down 12 Down £5,289 Up £5.59 (These figures do not include Gift Aid recovered) Remember – we have 981 members on the roll Payroll giving Up from £3,254 in 2012 to £3,944 in 2013 Up £690 St Columba's Accounts 2013

9 Income – Gift Aid Tax recovered under Gift Aid was: St Columba's Accounts 2013 200820092010201120122013 £’000 Open plate776457 Freewill Offerings889856 Standing orders192132262120 Single payments 5 8 24 2 3 394449423336

10 Income – Gift Aid St Columba's Accounts 2013

11 Income – Gift Aid Gift Aid allows St Columba’s to reclaim from HMRC a further 25% on offerings made under Gift Aid To make donations under Gift Aid you have to sign a Gift Aid Declaration and have paid enough Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax to cover the total that all charities and community amateur sports clubs will reclaim in that tax year in respect of your donations. The rules on Gift Aid declarations have been slightly amended and the wording on envelopes etc. changed to conform. St Columba's Accounts 2013

12 Income – Gift Aid Declaration St Columba’s Church of Scotland – Gift Aid Declaration I, (title and full name)...................................................... of (full address including postcode)........................................... declare that I wish all my donations to St Columba’s Church of Scotland (registered charity 236173) made in the last four years and until further notice to be treated as given under Gift Aid. I am a UK taxpayer and acknowledge that my UK Income and Capital Gains Tax in any tax year in which I make a donation to St Columba’s must equal or exceed the tax that St Columba’s and other charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs recover from my donations. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I also understand that at current tax rates St Columba’s will reclaim 25p on every £1 that I donate. Signed.............................. Date................................ Please come and discuss any specific questions on Gift Aid further after this meeting (or indeed at any time) St Columba's Accounts 2013

13 Income – Gift Aid Update We are taking advantage of the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS). This lets us claim top-up payments on donations of £20 or less without obtaining Gift Aid declarations, so long as every £10 of GASDS donations is “matched” with £1 of Gift Aid donations in that year. We are reclaiming GASDS at an annual rate of £1,250, which is the maximum permitted (25% of £5,000). We hope to reclaim Gift Aid on magazine subscriptions but will inform subscribers before doing so. St Columba's Accounts 2013

14 Some Ways of Giving Open plate (cash, cheque or CAF cheque) Open plate with Gift Aid (cash or cheque) Bank standing order Bank standing order with Gift Aid Freewill Offering (cash, cheque or CAF cheque) Freewill Offering with Gift Aid (cash or cheque) Payroll giving Single donations (cash, cheque or CAF cheque) Legacies St Columba's Accounts 2013

15 Investments Our investments are with The Church of Scotland Investors Trust in two unitised funds: a Growth Fund, largely in equities, managed by Newton Investment Management and an Income Fund, predominantly invested in fixed income securities, managed by Royal London Asset Management. The value of investments held for congregational purposes at the year end was £1,277,000 (2012 £794,000). The gain on revaluation of investments held for unrestricted funds of the church increased by £76,000 (2012 £47,000). St Columba's Accounts 2013

16 Expenditure We account for expenditure under these main headings: Ministry and wider work Local staff Premises Governance Other costs St Columba's Accounts 2013

17 Ministries and Mission The Ministries and Mission contribution is calculated by and payable to the Church of Scotland. It is based on congregational income: allowance is made for restricted income and rental income is discounted but no allowance is made for expenses. 86% is used for the provision of ministers and other parish staff throughout the church. 14% is spent on mission and renewal St Columba's Accounts 2013

18 St Columba’s Budget for 2014 2013 Actual2014 Budget £’000 Income 233Donations and fees233 361Legacies 0 203Other income207 797440 Expenditure 188Ministry and wider work210 104Local staff108 127Premises155 63Other 66 482539 315Net surplus / (deficit) (99) St Columba's Accounts 2013

19 Giving Giving is an essential part of the work and witness of the Church. Not all the congregation’s giving is reflected in the accounts. St Columba's Accounts 2013 Grants made from:200820092010201120122013 £’000 Napier Fund2122383743 Alexander Rose Fund1716142617 other funds222455 special collections12 711 81311 524765757887

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