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UA & the Alaska Native Community Our Relationship Dana L. Thomas Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs 1.

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1 UA & the Alaska Native Community Our Relationship Dana L. Thomas Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs 1

2 Topics Addressed (as requested) 1.UA Overview 2.Courses and Programs 3.Student Services and Support 4.Research and Sponsored Programs 5.Students, Faculty and Staff 6.Contributions to the University 7.Beneficial External Partnerships 2

3 UA Overview 3 Four Separately Accredited Institutions University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) Prince William Sound Community College (PWSCC)

4 UA Overview Instruction (credit based) – Certificate and degree programs (expanding eLearning) – Coursework for non-degree seeking students Research and Creative Activity – Developing new knowledge and methodology – Documenting and archiving knowledge systems Service (non credit) – Cooperative Extension Service – Marine Advisory Program – 4 H – Workforce training – UA Corporate Programs 4

5 UA Overview The Strategic Direction Initiative Student Achievement & Attainment Productive Partnerships With Alaska’s Schools Productive Partnerships With Alaska’s Public and Private Industries (FSMI, Mining) Research & Development to Build and Sustain Alaska’s Economic Growth and Enhance Communities Accountability to the People of Alaska 5

6 UA Overview 34,983 Students 6

7 UA Overview - Funding 7 Source: UA Operating Budget Distribution, FY12 Yellowbook.

8 UA Overview- External Funding 8

9 UA Overview – Financial Aid 9

10 UA Overview - Research 10

11 UA Overview Progress on 2011 Priorities ANCSA Course – web based ANCSA Course – General Education Requirement Increased tax credit – eliminate sunset clause Executive MBA ANCSA Conferences High School Outreach Camps 11

12 Courses – Broad Areas Languages Alaska Native Art, Dance, Music, Literature Alaska Native Studies – Peoples, History and Cultures Politics, Justice and Law Rural Development and Human Services Tribal Management See pages 2 - 5 for a complete list of courses 12

13 Academic Programs Broad Program Areas Alaska Native Studies Alaska Native Languages, e.g. Yup'ik, Inupiaq Rural Human Services, Rural Development, Rural Nutrition Services Tribal Management Nursing – Bethel, Dillingham, Kotzebue, and Nome Other workforce related programs – engineering (energy), accounting, mining, pre-law, pre-med, telecommunications, IT, education, fisheries, construction trades, and tourism See reference page 6 for complete list of programs 13

14 Student Services & Support UAF – Rural Student Services UAA – Native Student Services & The Alaska Native & Rural Outreach ProgramNative Student Services UAS - Native & Rural Student Center Staffs in these offices are trained not only in the procedures and protocol of the university setting, but typically have a direct connection to rural Alaska – which often allows a greater sense of understanding in working with students new to urban environments. 14

15 Research and Documentation Centers Alaska Native Language Center (UAF) Center for Alaska Native Health Research (UAF) Center for Alaska Native Health Research Center for Circumpolar Health Studies (UAA) Alaska Native Film Series (UAS) Institute for Social and Economic Research (UAA) Alaska Native Curriculum Project (UAA-ISER) Alaska Native Knowledge Network Alaska Center for Energy and Power International Arctic Research Center – Climate change and its impacts See 15

16 External Grants – Research and Other Sponsored Program Areas 16 Current Research: Health Climate Energy Language Oral History Education and Teachers FY14 budget proposals: Chinook salmon research Energy solutions Enhanced mapping Oil spill response See pages 9 - 14 of reference handout for complete list of FY12 grants.

17 Student Demographics 17

18 Degrees and Certificates Awarded 18

19 Degrees and Certificates Awarded, continued 19

20 20 Degrees and Certificates Awarded, continued For a complete list of high demand job area programs, see

21 Alaska Performance Scholarship (Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education) About 8% of Native high school graduates were academically eligible for the APS compared to 38% for Caucasian students 17 % of Alaska high school graduates from rural areas were eligible for the APS scholarship compared to 32 % of urban students. 21

22 Faculty and Administrators 22

23 Staff 23

24 Financial Contributions 105 contributions from 33 groups, totaling more than $8 million, FY07 – FY12 Thank you! See pages 15 – 18 of reference handout for a detailed list of contributions 24

25 Student Financial Aid ($) 25

26 Educational Partnerships, Bridging and Support Programs Effie Kokrine Early College Future Educators of Alaska & Alaska Statewide Mentor Project Retention of Alaska Natives into Nursing Rural Alaska Honors Institute Upward Bound Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program Early Scholars Program Preparing Indigenous Teachers and Administrators for Alaska’s Schools Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program See page 7 for full list of Bridging and Support programs, and page 19 for full list of partnerships. 26

27 Current Student Issues Preparation – ACT scores fell from about 17.1 to 15.5 – SAT scores fell slightly – APS eligibility low for Alaska Native and rural Initiation – admission, financial aid, housing Completion - gap 27

28 Discussion Is UA meeting the Alaska Native Corporation needs in the following areas? If not, what is needed? Workforce development Cultural education Research Non credit courses 28

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