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Wrexham Community Safety Partnership Structure & Organisation.

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1 Wrexham Community Safety Partnership Structure & Organisation

2 Community Safety in WCBC Strategic & Performance Director Phil Walton Strategic & Performance Director Lee Robinson Chief Housing & Public Protection Officer Andy Lewis Health Social Care & Wellbeing Community Safety

3 Wrexham CSP priorities for 2011/12 Outcome 1 : Wrexham is a safe place to live work and visit (reducing crime) 1Reduce the levels of violent crime including domestic and sexual violence 2Reduce the levels of acquisitive crime 3Tackle anti-social behaviour and community tolerance 4Reduce re-offending by supporting agencies who actively manage offenders 5 Reduce the harm that substance misuse causes to communities, families and individuals 6Tackle hate related crime and disorder and encourage reporting Outcome 2 : Wrexham feels like a safe place to live work and visit (reducing the fear of crime) 7 Engage with the community to provide re-assurance and increase public confidence

4 Wrexham/ Flintshire Wrexham North Wales

5 Wrexham/Flintshire CSP Achieved 2010 Number of Joint campaigns tackling Burglary, Vehicle Crime etc Wrexham CSP’s commissioning of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch (FNW) to extend OWL into Wrexham Joint Strategic Working on Reducing Re-offending Achieved 2011 Joint Prolific & other Priority Offender(PPO)/ Integrated Offender Management (IOM) Scheme Production of Joint Strategic Assessment Findings of Strategic Assessment Presented to Joint CSP meeting March 2011 Wrexham CSPs commissioning of services from FNW to support the development of Watch Schemes in Wrexham

6 Wrexham/Flintshire CSP Planned 2011/12 Joint Partnership Plan to be undertaken Sept 2011 (presented to Scrutiny in Oct) Further Joint CSP meetings Joint campaigns Joint commissioning of services/projects Explore options for greater collaboration

7 North Wales Developments 2009/10 Area Planning Board (Substance Misuse) 2010/11 Partnership Review Multi-Agency Agreement to rationalise & reconfigure 2011/13 Task &Finish Project Team (July 11) Safer Communities Board (April 12) Police & Crime Commissioner (May 12?)

8 North Wales Safer Communities Board Likely Main Focus Strategic Planning, Joint Commissioning, Monitoring & Review of  Community Safety Partnerships  Youth Justice Service  Links to Area Planning Board – Substance Misuse Related Issues  ASB Victim focussed work  Domestic Homicide Reviews  Reducing Reoffending (IOM)  ‘Prevent’- broader approach to extremism  Human Trafficking

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