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Hopes Creek Consulting

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1 Hopes Creek Consulting
How Can I Save Money? Hopes Creek Consulting

2 Saving Money This presentation provides guidelines that will help you save your budget This is a high-level treatment of the subject Hopes Creek can help you find more specific ways to save money in your organization

3 Step One: Stop Spending!
Sounds easy, but is not Stop paying maintenance on patents you don’t need Use a ranking scheme Decide on a budget Stop maintenance of those below the cutoff File fewer provisional patent applications Make the decision to drop sooner Use a formal assessment procedure

4 Step Two: Don’t Hire Yes, we’re all overworked
But, there is a better way than hiring Use a management process for your workload Prioritize with clarity Prioritize with consistency Use outsourcing for short-term needs

5 Step Three: Outsource Intellectual Property Business
Technology Assessments Patent Portfolio Analysis Marketing Information Creation Negotiations Business Business Plans Marketing

6 Finding Help You just did: Hopes Creek can help We have connections
Technology Assessment Prioritization of Work Management Strategies Marketing and Negotiations We have connections If we can’t help, perhaps we know of someone who can Contact us:

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