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The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World

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1 The Five Themes of Geography A Framework for Studying the World

2 Theme 1: Location Two Types of Location Ask yourself… Where is It?
Absolute Relative Ask yourself… Where is It? Why is It There?

3 Absolute Location A specific place on the Earth’s surface
Latitude and longitude A global address

4 Rhode Island Absolute Location Cranston, RI 41° N Latitude
71° W longitude

5 Relative Location Where a place is in relation to another place, such as borders or states or cities Uses directional words to describe Cardinal and intermediate directions

6 RHODE ISLAND: Relative Location
Rhode Island is bordered by Rhode Island to the north and east, Connecticut to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Rhode Island is part of the New England Region and is located in the Northeastern part of the United States.

7 Theme 2: Place Physical Characteristics
Land Features Mountains, plains, and plateaus Climate Bodies of Water

8 Rhode Island: Physical Characteristics
Rhode Island's climate is usually mild, but in summer and winter, weathers can get extremely high or low. Rhode Island: Physical Characteristics Narragansett Bay Jerimoth Hill: 812 ft Foster, RI

9 Theme 2: Place Human Characteristics
People Culture Language Religion Buildings and Landmarks Cities

10 Rhode Island : Human Characteristics
Providence, RI Capitol Building Newport Bridge and Rose Island Lighthouse Rhode Island slang wicked: used to describe something that is super awesome, very cool, or clever. Coffee Milk: one of Rhode Island’s favorite family beverages.

11 Theme 3: Human Environment Interaction
How People Interact With Their Environment People . . . Adapt to their environment change their environment Depend on their environment

12 Rhode Island: Human Environment Interaction
Adapt to weather and jobs Change the environment: build Bridges

13 Theme 4: Movement The Mobility of People Goods-Products Ideas
How Places are linked to one another and the world

14 Rhode Island: Movement
Movement of ideas

15 Theme 5: Regions What Places Have in Common Political Regions
Landform Regions Climate Regions

16 Rhode Island: Regions Rhode Island Counties
Rhode Island climate region

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