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E XAMS. E XAM S ESSIONS Morning Exams - 8:45 Afternoon Exams – 1:05.

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2 E XAM S ESSIONS Morning Exams - 8:45 Afternoon Exams – 1:05

3 C ALCULATORS Calculators maybe used, if the question paper says so Calculators must not: Have symbolic algebra manipulation Access to the internet Be able to store & retrieve information: Databanks, dictionaries, mathematical formulas, text, etc...

4 R ESOURCES Other items may be used within an exam: if instructions on the question paper request this. Books & texts may be taken into open book exams Some resources will be provided by the school: Tracing paper, art & design materials, etc... Tipex & correcting fluid is not allowed

5 R ESOURCES No equipment can be taken into an exam unless it is written within the instructions on the exam paper...... it is considered malpractice

6 S EATING P LAN A seating plan will be created for each exam Check where you are meant to be sitting before entering the exam! Failing to sit in the correct seat could result in you taking the wrong exam

7 I NVIGILATORS Will always be at least one within the exam Their job is to: Control the exam Offer assistance But not to do the exam for you

8 M OBILE PHONES & BAGS Mobiles cannot be taken into the exam under any circumstances. You must hand your mobile phone in for safe keeping (this will be held in the school office). Failure to comply could lead to disqualification. Bags & Coats etc You will be told where to place these by staff for safe keeping

9 I N THE EXAM Always read the instructions on the question paper before you start Work out a plan for your time per question and try to stick to it. Fill in all required details on all answer sheets. A learner who arrives late, may be allowed into the exam at the discretion of the school

10 A DVICE Arrive for your exam in plenty of time Check where you are sitting ahead of the exam Bring the correct items Follow instructions given by the invigilator If in doubt speak to the invigilator


12 W HAT IS A CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT Controlled assessment has replaced coursework in the new GCSE specifications Controlled assessment can be taken any time during the course

13 F EEDBACK Feedback may be given to students But work submitted for final assessment must be the students own work

14 R E - WORKING / R E - SITTING Learners who wish to redo their submission, before the marks have been sent to the award board, may do so at the discretion of the teacher!

15 P LAGIARISM Plagiarism involves taking someone else’s work and trying to claim it as your own Plagiarism can be easily spotted. Any work that is plagiarised: Will be awarded zero marks May result in the student being disqualified from the exam(s)

16 C ONTROLLED A SSESSMENTS Before submitting any work, students will need to sign an authentication statement If there is anything you don't understand, you must ask your teacher Any work a student submits, must be their own!!!

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