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Cloud Technology and the 21 st Century Classroom Assignment 2 Kathleen Aiello Gloria Ojunta.

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1 Cloud Technology and the 21 st Century Classroom Assignment 2 Kathleen Aiello Gloria Ojunta

2 Technologies Explored Learning Management Systems –MYBACKPACK –Jupiter Ed Interactive White Boards –Promethian by Promethian –Smart Board by Smart Technologies

3 LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of classroom instruction in both face to face and online learning. There are many learning management systems, Blackboard, that we use at NOVA is one of them. The two we will be discussing here are MYBACKPACK and Jupiter Ed.

4 MYBACKPACK MY BACKPACK is a technology tool introduced this academic year as the district prepares for the National Common Core Standards to meet with the challenges of the 21 st century skills and content mastery (APS, 2014). This technology tool can be navigated through the internet, also known as cloud technology, by both the teachers and students with the district’s assigned identification information.

5 Jupiter Ed Similar to MYBACKPACK, Jupiter Ed, is a leaning information system which can be used to direct instruction, create online assessments, both formative and summative, all of which can be directly loaded to your grade book. These technologies are created to streamline instruction, create interactive lessons, and make coursework management easier for teachers, parents and students.

6 INTERACTIVE WHITE BOARDS An interactive whiteboard, is a large interactive display that connects to a computer. A projector projects the computer's desktop onto the board's surface where it can control the computer using a pen, finger, stylus, or other device. The board is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand. The two boards we will be discussing for this assignment are the Promethean by Promethean and Smart Board by Smart Technologies.

7 Promethean board “Promethean’s resources, software and student response systems draw students into every lesson with rich digital media, real-world activities and opportunities for active participation.” (Promethean Limited, 2014)

8 Smart Board by Smart Technologies “A catalyst for class Participation. Intuitive design. Engaging digital workspace. True multi-student collaboration and small group learning. Encourage critical thinking and problem- solving. Spark better learning outcomes for all.” (Smart Technologies, Inc., 2014)

9 CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES Gloria - MYBACKPACK and Promethean Elementary Lesson Kathy – Jupiter Ed and Smart Board


11 Jupiter Ed with Smart Board Creating lessons in Juno, the lesson create portion of Jupiter Ed is relatively easy. You can create your own lessons or borrow lessons that have been created by other teachers. The lesson I chose to create was the beginning lesson of my HTML course. After creating a short introductory activity in HTML in Juno, it was displayed for students through the Smart Board. The lesson required students to meet in pairs discuss the new tags and move them to the correct order on the Smart Board, the remainder of the class, using their access to Jupiter Ed and Juno were able to vote if the student pair were accurate or not. The pole is displayed through Juno to the Smart Board and choices are giving for the correct order. After poling the correct answer is displayed. A formative assessment is given as a ticket to leave at the end of the class, this formative assessment is displayed on the Smart Board through access to Juno. Before logging off the computers the students log their answers into Juno, which are then the assessment is automatically graded by Juno and uploaded into the grade book in Jupiter Grades, all features of Jupiter Ed. Both creating formative and summative assessments through Jupiter Ed is quick and easy and streamlines the entire process.

12 REFERENCES Jupiter Ed, Inc. (2014). Jupiter Ed. Retrieved September 15, 2014, from Jupiter Ed: Promethean Limited. (2014). Promethean 21st Century Classroom. Retrieved September 18, 2014, from Promethean: /21st-century-classroom/ Smart Technologies, Inc. (2014). Smart Education. Retrieved September 17, 2014, from Smart: Zelick, S. A. (2013). The perception of web 2.0 technologies on teaching and learning in higher education: A case study. Creative Education, 4(7), 53-93

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