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S ATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS Sandy Neel SASFAA Past President Bellarmine University.

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1 S ATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS Sandy Neel SASFAA Past President Bellarmine University

2 N EW SAP The Satisfactory Academic Progress regulations became effective July 1, 2011. All SAP regulations are now included in CFR 668.34 668.32(f) includes SAP with other eligibility requirements 668.16(e) refers to SAP as “reasonable policy”

3 W HAT IS NEW ? New SAP regulations clearly outline the requirements that must be present in an institutional SAP policy If SAP is monitored after each payment period, then the school has more flexibility

4 W HAT IS NEW ? Appeal process Financial aid warning, financial aid probation, pace Requirements of an academic plan Inclusion of transfer hours Repeat coursework

5 B ASIC C OMPONENTS OF SAP Qualitative Standard – Is student at a high enough grade point average to reach graduation standards? Quantitative Standard (Pace ) – Is student completing enough hours to finish program within maximum time frame? Maximum Time Frame – Will the undergraduate student complete the program within 150% of requirements? Evaluation schedule – How often will SAP be reviewed?

6 Q UALITATIVE GPA Program less than 2 years Must have standing consistent with graduation requirements Program longer than 2 years Must have C average or equivalent at end of 2 years. You can no longer use 60 credit hours. Two years is equivalent to 4 semesters.

7 Q UANTITATIVE PACE Pace is defined as progression to ensure completion within the maximum time frame Pace must be measured at each evaluation A graduated pace standard is still permitted; i.e., 1 st term – 50%; 2 nd term – 60%; 3 rd term – 70% An even percentage measurement can be used; i.e,, 67%

8 C ALCULATING P ACE /Q UANTITATIVE P ROGRESS Cumulative number of credit hours completed ___________________________________________ Cumulative number of credit hours attempted = Pace/Quantitative Progress

9 Q UANTITATIVE M AXIMUM T IME F RAME Undergraduate Quantitative standard – maximum time frame cannot exceed 150% of published program length Graduate Maximum time frame not specified Number of credit hours not specified School determines both and must publish and follow that determination

10 MAXIMUM TIME FRAME CALCULATION To graduate from Anywhere College, students must complete 126 hours of coursework. The maximum time frame cannot exceed 150% of the published program length of study. 126 x 150%= 189 Students at Anywhere College can complete up to189 credit hours and still be eligible to receive financial aid.

11 T RANSFER HOURS Now required to count transfer hours accepted at your institution as both attempted and completed hours in SAP Transfer students may now have slight advantage over other students Transfer credits in calculation of pace means all completed work for all students considered Schools still free to set own policies related to number of changes in major allowed

12 R EPEATED COURSEWORK SAP rules do not require schools to allow course repetitions SAP rules do not require schools to limit the number of course repetitions SAP rules do address the treatment of repeats for measuring satisfactory progress If the school allows repeated coursework Unlimited repeated courses could be funded if student has not passed the course Only one repeat of course could be funded with Title IV aid if student has previously passed the course


14 D ETERMINING SAP Students must be reviewed at regular intervals to determine if satisfactory progress requirements are being met At least once a year Every semester Combination

15 I F THE INSTITUTION PERMITS A PPEALS, THE POLICY MUST INCLUDE How the student can reestablish eligibility The basis on which a student may file an appeal (death of family member, injury, illness or other special circumstances) Must describe the information the student needs to submit to support the appeal including Why student failed to make SAP What has changed that will allow the student meet SAP at next evaluation Number of appeals is not regulated

16 F INANCIAL AID WARNING Can only be used if checking SAP each payment period Financial aid warning status is assigned automatically and student is still eligible to receive aid during the financial aid warning term. Students do not need to appeal to be given financial aid warning status If SAP standards are not met during financial aid warning term, an appeal can be filed

17 F INANCIAL AID PROBATION If SAP is checked annually, student may appeal to have a financial aid probation term to meet minimum requirements If SAP is checked each term, student may appeal if after financial aid warning term SAP standards are not met Financial aid probation may be for one term or multiple terms based on an Academic Plan

18 P ROBATION FOR ONE TERM Must be able to meet SAP requirements after that term GPA If too low cannot approve straight out PACE If student will not be on track after one term cannot approve

19 GPA CASE STUDY Brenda has been at Anywhere College for 6 semesters with 63 hours and has earned a 1.8 GPA. Anywhere College allows appeals for SAP. The Committee reviews her appeal and would like to approve it since she has demonstrated compelling reasons for an appeal. Can she raise her GPA above a 2.0?

20 P ACE CASE STUDY Carl attends Anywhere College and has attempted 37 hours. At Anywhere College they measure pace at 67% therefore Carl needed to earn 24.79 hours to be in good standing. Carl actually earned 18 hours. He was ill in the spring semester and provided documentation in his appeal. Can he be in good standing after one term?

21 A CADEMIC PLANS When a student cannot get back in good standing after one semester on probation, an Academic Plan can be developed. An Academic Plan for an approved appeal may state specific conditions that must be met such as: Register for a lighter class load Earn a certain GPA each term Earn all hours attempted

22 A CADEMIC PLANS CONTINUED Can be very basic May involve other offices on campus such as Academic Resource Center or student Success Center Student is on Probation and must be checked each term to ensure they are meeting the plan.

23 A DDITIONAL GUIDANCE ON SAP Preamble to the Program Integrity Final Rule: 29/pdf/2010-26531.pdf 29/pdf/2010-26531.pdf Electronic Announcement: viewfor StudentinClockHrs.html viewfor StudentinClockHrs.html Program Integrity Q&A: ulemaking/2009/sap.html ulemaking/2009/sap.html


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