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Slide No: 1 Extenuating Circumstances and Plagiarism Dr Mike Spann.

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1 Slide No: 1 Extenuating Circumstances and Plagiarism Dr Mike Spann

2 Extenuating Circumstances This is important if something happens that affects your academic performance –e.g. illness, bereavement, etc. What should I do? –You must inform your School Office and your Extenuating Circumstances Officer, Dr P A Childs (email;, tel: 44344, room: 513).

3 Extenuating Circumstances How should I do this? –By completing the Notification of Extenuating Circumstances Form, including precise details of the module(s), examinations or other assessed work that you believe may be affected. Informing your Personal Tutor or the Welfare Tutor is not sufficient. You must report it officially using a Notification of Extenuating Circumstances Form:

4 Extenuating Circumstances May include Not normally considered Significant illness, accident or injuryMinor illnesses (such as coughs and colds) The death or serious illness of a close family member or dependent Minor computer problems or inadequate planning preventing completion or submission of coursework Absence caused by paternity leave and jury service (deferral of which has been denied by the Court) Stress and panic attacks caused by examinations that are not diagnosed as an illness or documented in a Student Support Agreement Family crisis directly affecting the student Assessments or examinations scheduled close together Exceptional and unforeseen financial hardship

5 Extenuating Circumstances Option 1: Coursework or in-year assessment - Extensions –Extenuating Circumstances impacting on coursework or in-year assessment will normally be dealt with by an extension being granted where appropriate to the date for submission or completion of the piece(s) of work affected. Option 2: Coursework or in-year assessments – Other Action –e.g. allow a small element of coursework or in-year assessments to be disregarded.

6 Extenuating Circumstances Option 3: Deferral of Examinations - Fit to Sit Procedure –Students must submit requests for deferral under the Fit to Sit Procedure before the examination takes place –By being present at an examination, a Registered Student is deemed to declare him/herself ‘Fit to Sit’ A subsequent request for deferral or other action by reason of Extenuating Circumstances will not normally be accepted

7 Extenuating Circumstances Option 4: Extenuating Circumstances Panel Consideration –Only in exceptional circumstances should a Student submit a case for consideration by the Extenuating Circumstances Panel (ECP) –The panel meeting just before the exam board meeting in June –More details and guidance about this will follow in due course

8 Extenuating Circumstances Do I need to provide supporting evidence? –Yes, for example, medical certificates where illness is involved. Documentary, independent third party evidence for other events must be provided. When do I need to submit the form and evidence? –Further details of the Extenuating Circumstances and Fit to Sit procedure will provided in the near future.

9 Plagiarism In EE1G1 you will consider plagiarism It is important that you understand the University regulations in this regard You must not: –cut/copy and pasted material from the Web; –copying the work of another student (past or present), including essay material, laboratory data or computer source code; –copying course material or lecture notes; –copying material out of a textbook or journal.

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