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Advanced Placement Angelo Rodriguez High School February 18, 2014.

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1 Advanced Placement Angelo Rodriguez High School February 18, 2014

2 FSUSD graduation requirements SubjectNumber of Credits: ●English40 ●Mathematics30 ●Science20 ●Physical Education20 ●History/Social Science/Econ 30 ●Art/Foreign Language10 ●Art/Foreign Language/Voc Ed10 ●Electives70 _____________________________________ Total= 230 *Student must pass the ELA and mathematics portions of the California High School Exit Exam

3 UC/CSU a-g minimum eligibility requirements Entrance Requirements Grade Point Average a-g requirementsUC: Minimum GPA= 3.0 History2 yearsCSU: Minimum GPA= 2.0 English4 years Math3 years SAT/ACT test Lab Science2 years -General rule, the lower the GPA, Foreign Lang2 years the higher the score needed Visual & Per Art 1 year Elective1 year *** Must complete these courses with C’s or higher both semesters Please check the website for RHS/UC certified course list of a-g

4 What is Advanced Placement (AP)? Students enrolled in AP courses take college- level coursework taught by trained high school teachers ▫Courses are audited and approved annually by College Board College Board offers 34 courses and examinations (exams are administered in the first two full weeks of May). ▫Successful completion of AP examinations can grant college credit and/or waiver of certain college courses ▫

5 Which AP courses are offered at RHS? English Language and Composition English Literature and Composition Calculus AB Statistics Physics Biology European History (offered in grade 10) United States History United States Government and Politics Macroeconomics Spanish French German Art History

6 Which AP courses are offered at RHS (cont’d)? There is no minimum or maximum limit on the number of AP courses students can take; however, students are strongly encouraged to balance their academic load ▫Enrollment in any AP course is a yearlong commitment

7 Who is eligible to take AP courses? Success in AP level coursework depends on successful completion of prerequisite courses, dedication and motivation Enrollment in AP courses is based on student interest and teacher recommendation ▫Most courses offered at RHS are open access (any student can take any course) The PSAT is offered to students in grade 10. PSAT Potential is a useful tool to identify possible areas of study

8 Who is eligible to take AP courses? In order to successfully complete Advanced Placement coursework, students must: Demonstrate high levels of commitment to academic scholarship Produce clear and cohesive written compositions Complete an average of 6 hours of homework per class per week Read complex non-fiction texts independently Attend class daily Complete summer work as assigned

9 Are students required to take the AP exams? Taking the AP examinations is not required; however, all students are strongly encouraged to take the AP exams that correspond with the courses in which they are enrolled ▫College Board offers fee reductions/waivers to offset the cost of AP examination

10 What is the AP enrollment/passing rate? 2013 Exams=792 Students=494 2012 Exams=649 2011 Exams=529 2010 Exams=501 RHS44.7%60.3%56%57.8% Statewide63.5%64.5%63.7%64.2% Worldwide60.9%61.5%60.2%

11 What are UC-CSU a-g eligibility rates? 201220112010 RHS45.4%42.4%39.5% FSUSD32.8%32.5%29.1% State38.3%36.9%36.3%

12 What are the benefits of taking AP coursework/examinations? Rigorous coursework that provides exposure to the rigors of college level work College credit/course waivers for successful completion of exams (varies by college) Early exposure to majors/minors of interest Preferred admissions to colleges and universities Weighted course credit (extra grade point)

13 Resources More information about AP is available Course descriptions Sample examinations with scoring guides Links to college specific information

14 Resources Visit the School website: Follow us on Twitter: @RHSMUSTANGS

15 Upcoming Dates to Remember Tuesday March 4 (6pm-7pm) ▫ 8th Grade Information Night (class of 2018) Tuesday March 11 (5pm-7pm) ▫ 8th Grade Registration Night (GVMS) Wednesday March 12 (5pm-7pm) ▫ 8th Grade Registration Night Tuesday April 1 ▫ New Student Enrollment (out of district)  Call Olivia Tuaua (707) 863-7950

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