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CCC REPORT FOR 2015- 2016 CATALOG 12 New Programs 138 New Courses 339 Additions, Modifications, and Deletions.

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1 CCC REPORT FOR 2015- 2016 CATALOG 12 New Programs 138 New Courses 339 Additions, Modifications, and Deletions

2 7 NEW PROGRAMS IN HWPS  Community EMT Certificate of Achievement  Electronic Health Informatics AAS  Exercise Science and Wellness AAS  Optical Dispensing  Basic Level Certificate of Completion  Advanced Level Certificate of Completion  Optical Dispensing AAS  Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Achievement

3 4 NEW PROGRAMS IN CHSS  Bench Jewelry Certificate of Completion  Environmental Planning and Design AA  Online Teaching and Learning Certificate of Achievement  Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate of Completion  *Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC)*  6 New Courses embedded in the Human Services AA (renamed from CYFD)

4 1 NEW PROGRAM IN MSE  Computer Science AS  Existing coursework  For transfer to UNM or other university for Bachelor’s degree

5 138 NEW COURSES  For the Environmental Planning and Design AA  3 New Architecture courses developed in CHSS with CHSS faculty and in consultation with faculty from AT’s Architectural Drafting program  3 New Community and Regional Planning courses  For the Optical Dispensing certificates and degree  For the DETC (Diesel Equipment Technology) and Fire Science restructuring  For the Exercise Science and Wellness AAS  Renaming GED preparation coursework  16 “new” courses

6 OUTCOMES OF SUB TEAMS  The Out of Cycle Process Team for proposals that need to be considered out of the curricular cycle completed the process and the form for schools to complete to be considered for immediate approval  First must be approved by Dean’s Council  CCC will meet as soon as possible after approval by Deans  The IT 1010 Taskforce for programs wishing to opt out of the IT 1010 requirement for all associate’s degrees  Form of cross-walked Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) was completed, along with appropriate assessments, and this was presented to and approved by the CCC for the Nursing degree  Audit Appropriately Team for identification of coursework that student should NOT have the option for changing to audit  Faculty Senate recommendation for audit approval never implemented

7 REQUESTED DATA AND FOLLOW UP  The CCC requested that BIT provide them with follow up plans and assessments for reduction of contact hours in CIS courses and in OTEC courses. Most courses were reduced from 5 to 4 contact hours  Data on C pass rate comparisons – comparable  Piloted “hybrid” CIS courses helped to determine 3 contact or 4 contact hour – 4 contact hour deemed best  OTEC 3 Keyboarding courses are being offered (as a pilot) as open entry/open exit to offer students the ability to pass all three in one term  Other OTEC courses with reduced contact hours are offering theory portion in class and “lab” work done at home  Labs are available for students to seek help from faculty or qualified instructional technicians

8 BIOLOGY COURSEWORK DATA FOR NURSING STUDENTS REQUESTED  CNM Nursing students must be able to complete the program in 6 terms since we are a 2 year college  3 Biology courses (Pathophysiology I, Microbiology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology II) are all listed in term 2  Biology and the Executive Director of Nursing and Nursing faculty rearranged curricula so the Microbiology and Pathophysiology content are more sequentially linked  CCC requested that faculty closely track students who attempt the courses in the same term to ensure student success  SAAC rep will request data and encourage both MSE and HWPS faculty and administrators examine the data and report back to the CCC

9 CURRICULOG  We have completed 3 training sessions and have begun “consultation” sessions  The vendor is building our current forms and approval process  Elsie, Bert, and I will be traveling to Tampa Bay at the beginning of March for a training conference  Training for CCC members (and others) will be offered in April

10 2 YEAR CATALOG 2016-2018  This fall, schools will be presenting for the 2016-2018 catalog  This is the last year we will hear all 6 schools present in October and November  2016 will be a planning year for all  *CCC members will be consulted as new courses and programs are being developed to ensure that all SLOs are created and consultation with other schools is built into the development process  *CCC members will work with SAAC reps to ensure assessment is aligned with curriculum and that assessment guides changes to curriculum  For 2018-2020 Catalog  3 schools will present in spring of 2017  3 schools will present in fall of 2017

11 TIME TO SELECT A CHAIR AND REVISIT BYLAWS  “The Chair of the College Curriculum Committee is selected from the committee members by a majority vote of the College Curriculum Committee at the last spring meeting of the term.”  Election By email?  “A sub team of the CCC and The Faculty Senate shall review the bylaws every third calendar year beginning in 2015.”  Sub team membership?

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