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JAVA Coursework (the same for 2A and 2B). Fundamental Information The coursework is 30 marks in your O’Level = 15% of the exam Must be word processed.

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1 JAVA Coursework (the same for 2A and 2B)

2 Fundamental Information The coursework is 30 marks in your O’Level = 15% of the exam Must be word processed Length dose not impress examiners

3 Allocation of marks 26 marks = The program which MUST be done in java and NO other programming language 4 marks = The layout which MUST be done using Microsoft Word and NO other application

4 Programming Section JAVA

5 The Program Specifying what the program should perform Formulating an explanation of the program using pseudo-code or flow charts Implementing the program in Java Testing the program with suitable data Writing documentation both program and user instructions

6 Specifications The program must make use of; 1. Input and output statements 2. Assignment expressions 3. Sequential execution 4. Conditional execution 5. Looping construct 6. Simple objects

7 Documentation The documentation must be made up of; 1. What task the program will be performing. This mush include input and output requirements 2. A description of the program 3. A description of special features of the program 4. Proof of testing (test printouts, screen shots, photos ect…) 5. Instructions on how to run the program 6. Self evaluation of the program

8 Marks Break Down Each part of your coursework with marks

9 Definition of the Problem A short description of the purpose of the problem being solves [2] A statement of the results required [2] Details of any inputs required [2] [6]

10 The Solution of the Problem A flowchart/pseudo-code of the algorithm [4] Computer listing of the program [4] Details of any special design features (ex. good user interface) [4] [12]

11 Running the Program Evidence that the solution works [2] Details of test data [2] [4]

12 User Instructions How to load and run the program [2] [2]

13 Conclusion Limitations with the program and possible improvements you could have made [2] [2]

14 Presentation The actual layout of the Coursework

15 Layout and Presentation A total of 4 marks Table of contents and titles for each section Use of Microsoft Word functions Use of tables Use of headers and footers User of bulleted or numbered lists

16 Coursework Ideas Some ideas to get you thinking

17 Class Marks The entry of different class marks, Find the sum, of the class marks, Finding the average class mark, Finding the lowest grade, Finding the highest grade, Finding marks above average, Finding marks below average.

18 Payroll The entry of employee details The entry of fixed rates (Income tax, National Insurance, allowances, deductions), The entry of number of hours worked The entry of overtime hours The program should calculate the pay slips showing all the details mentioned above

19 Educational Quiz An array can be used to hold a question and answer., The program will display the question The user enters a reply If the reply is correct then one mark is awarded, If not the correct answer is displayed’ A menu may be used to select one topic e.g. a quiz on capital cities, science, sports etc.

20 Telephone Directory Stores names and their related telephone numbers A town can also be held in an array User can search for a name and the program will output the telephone number and the town A menu can be used to output the whole list or searching by a particular town.

21 Hangman The program displays underscores according to the number of letters in a word that the user has to guess, If the letter guessed is correct then program displays the letter in its position in the word, If not a part of the Hangman diagram is displayed until the word is guessed or the man is hanged, A number of attempts can be set without the use of drawing the Hangman for simpler programs.

22 A simple Game You can be creative by moving a simple object on the screen and either try to avoid obstacles or move another object to catch up with the moving object.

23 Another Program You may wish to create a unique program that has not been mentioned above.

24 Introducing Java Page181 -198

25 Help These few pages of the book help us get an idea what the programming part of our coursework must be like You will also find sample flow charts which you could use to help build your own.

26 Programs The book also helps in building the following coursework 1. The telephone Directory 2. A Computer Aided Learning Quiz 3. A payroll application, 4. Class marks

27 The plan As a class we could decide on one coursework to work on in class so I could come round to help you when ever you need The documentation will be done at home but every week you must show me your progress

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