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June 20131 Grading in Web Advisor. June 20132 Access WebAdvisor from Chapman University’s Faculty Resources page, or at

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1 June 20131 Grading in Web Advisor

2 June 20132 Access WebAdvisor from Chapman University’s Faculty Resources page, or at

3 June 20133

4 Login to WebAdvisor June 20134

5 Click on the LOG IN tab and enter your User ID and Password June 20135

6 Select WebAdvisor for Faculty June 20136

7 Select Grading from the Faculty Information Menu June 20137

8 Click on Continue to Grading June 20138

9 Select the term to grade from the drop-down menu June 20139

10 From your list of classes, select one class at a time to grade June 201310

11 Select the term you wish to grade June 201311

12 Selected grade roster brings up list of students to be graded. Review grading instructions. SUBMIT when all grades are entered. June 201312

13 GRADING INSTRUCTIONS SAMPLES Note Grade-Type for each student: Enter a grade of “P” or “NP” when grade-type is Pass/No Pass Enter a grade of “AU” when grade-type is Audit Enter an expire date when assigning an Incomplete “I*” grade in the format: MM/DD/YY Do not leave blank grades, assign “FW” when student cease attendance without dropping the class When entering grades on grade rosters with large enrollments, submit entry every 5 minutes. After submitting, return to Grading the same roster until completed. Submitted Grades are posted on WebAdvisor every evening. June 201313

14 Error Message Samples from Invalid Grades WebAdvisor will not accept submissions containing invalid grades or blank expire dates on I* grades. It will note errors on top of the grading page in red letters, identifying whose records on the roster need correcting. Invalid grades must be removed and errors corrected to successfully SUBMIT the grading entries on your grade roster. June 201314

15 Submitting Incomplete Grades June 201315 When issuing an incomplete grade, instructors will assign the grade the student would have earned by assessing scores on all graded requirements, preceded by an "I" (for example, "IC-", "ID+"). Enter an Expire Date (MM/DD/YY) – reflecting the deadline for the incomplete. The maximum deadline for removal of an Incomplete is one year from the first day of the term in which the Incomplete was recorded, unless a shorter period of time is specified by the instructor. If the agreed upon remaining coursework is not completed in the period allotted, the letter grade issued with the "I" will become the final grade. If the instructor determines that the student would receive an "F" grade if the coursework is not completed, then an "I" (without a letter grade) with an expire date, is submitted for the final grade. To review the complete grading policy, see the University Catalog at: Incomplete grade of “IB” will become the final grade at the expire date.

16 After submitting, you may print or download the confirmation page. June 201316

17 This confirmation e-mail will be sent to you when the grades you submitted are posted on Web Advisor June 201317

18 How to change a grade after it is posted Grades submitted on Web Advisor GRADING may be changed and re- submitted before 11pm on the day it was submitted. Submissions are posted at 11pm nightly. Once posted, grades may be changed only by submitting a request on SUBMIT GRADE CHANGE REQUEST in WebAdvisor. Link to SUBMIT GRADE CHANGE REQUEST TutorialSUBMIT GRADE CHANGE REQUEST REASON FOR GRADE CHANGE option: You must enter a short explanation for the grade change when it is other than an Incomplete. A valid reason meets all the criteria in Chapman University’s Academic Grading policy. June 201318

19 Grading FAQ’s When will my students see their grades on Web Advisor? – Your students may view their grades on Web Advisor after it is posted on the web the following day after your submission. Why do I receive an email after I submit my grades? – Web Advisor will send you an e-mail to notify you that your submissions were received, or changes to your grades were posted. If you did not submit grades or changes and you receive an email, please notify the Registrar’s Office immediately. What if a student’s name is missing from my grade roster? – That student was not officially enrolled in your class and was also missing on your previous class rosters. Confirm your students’ enrollment in your class early and often on WebAdvisor. June 201319

20 Grading FAQ’s What should I know about grades of F, FW, A+ and W? When should an “F” be assigned vs. an “FW” – “F” grades are based solely upon academic performance and “FW” are assigned to students who cease attendance without officially dropping the class anytime prior to the end of the term Can a grade of A+ be submitted? – This is not a valid grade. It will prevent the grading page from successfully submitting and will prompt an error message Can a grade of “W” be assigned to students who stop attending? – A “W” grade is assigned only by the registration process when a student officially drops a class through Web Advisor or at the Registrar’s Office. Entering a “W” will prevent the grading page from successfully submitting and will prompt an error message – Assign “FW” when students unofficially withdraw by ceasing attendance without dropping the class Can a grade be left blank if I don’t have a grade for a student? – Do not leave a grade field blank – assign an “FW” June 201320

21 Grading FAQ’s Who should I contact if I have more questions? June 201321 May I submit printed grade rosters? – Printed grade rosters are no longer accepted. Chapman University’s policy require instructors of record submit grades on Web Advisor. How do I get technical help with Web Advisor? – Contact the Service Desk at (714) 997-6600. – Visit the Service Desk website for their service hours.Service Desk Who do I contact if I have questions on grading? – E-mail – E-mail If I forget my Web Advisor user name and password? – Contact the Service desk at (714) 997-6600. – If you choose to E-mail, passwords will not be e-mailed to users, but sent through regular

22 Log Out of WebAdvisor when you have completed submitting grades on all your classes June 201322

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