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Shear School of Education Welcome to Transfer Student Orientation!

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1 Shear School of Education Welcome to Transfer Student Orientation!

2 School of Education Majors Leading to Initial Certification Childhood Grades 1 through 6 Childhood with Early Childhood Grades Birth through grade 2 Grades 1 through 6 Childhood with Special Education Grades 1 through 6, and Special education grades 1-6

3 SOE Application All students interested in pursuing teaching certification through SOE programs must apply to the School of Education. The application is available from the SOE website.

4 SOE Application To apply to the School of Education, a student must have Completed 30 credit hours of coursework either at Geneseo, your transfer institution, or both, completed a Service Learning project, and have a GPA of 2.75. Application deadlines are December 1st and June 1st of each year. (For transfer students we can extend the deadline to July 1 st )

5 Service Learning Each applicant to the SOE must complete 25 hours of Service Learning with children of the ages (s)he will be certified to teach. These hours must be done in at least 5 sessions, under the supervision of a certified teacher.

6 Service Learning Applicants must have the Application/Service Learning packet to use during the Service Learning experience. Service Learning cannot be completed “retroactively” (applicants may not use experiences they had before obtaining the Application/Service Learning packet unless the experience is for a college course – see below). Some of you may be transferring your Service Learning from your previous institution.

7 School of Education Course Blocks Many courses in SOE programs are “blocked” together to provide for efficiency in planning field experiences and for interdisciplinary teaching purposes. Students progress through 5 blocks of coursework, which is followed by a student teaching semester.

8 School of Education Course Blocks Students may enroll in only one block each semester, with one exception – transfer students with 60 hours of transfer credit may enroll in Blocks I and II simultaneously. Every block is designed to build on the information covered in previous blocks. The blocks in each of the programs are different, so that while a friend may have a 4-course Block IV, you may have a 2-course Block IV.

9 School of Education Course Blocks

10 School of Education Field Experiences Field experiences are part of each block beginning with Block II. Field experiences are designed to gradually introduce teacher candidates to working with elementary or preschool students. Candidates begin by working one-on-one with students, then progress to small group lessons, and finally to teaching large groups or entire classrooms.

11 School of Education Field Experiences Field experiences create scheduling restrictions for candidates. Each course with a field experience component requires that candidates leave blocks of time free in their weekly schedules. For example, some students must leave MWF free from 8AM -11:30 AM, while others must leave TR 8AM - 12 noon free (this will depend on what block it is and when the corresponding courses are taught).

12 Transportation All students are required to provide their own transportation to and from all field visits, which begin in the Block II. Students may arrange carpools, however faculty may not.

13 Required Related Courses Candidates in SOE programs must also complete courses from other departments that are relevant to the Education major: Math 140 (Mathematics for Elementary Education I) Math 141 (Mathematics for Elementary Education II) Psych 215 (Child Development) H&PE 350 (Health and Safety Issues in Schools)

14 Foreign Language Proficiency Certification candidates may use American Sign Language to complete the foreign language requirement of the College, however it is not offered at Geneseo. Geneseo students must exhibit foreign language proficiency at the 201 level (generally 3 semesters at the college level) as a graduation requirement. Geneseo’s foreign language requirement can be satisfied through high school by having taken language through level 4 along with having achieved an 85 on the Regents Examination.

15 Concentrations Each candidate must choose an area of concentration in which s/he will take a minimum of 30 hours of (specified) coursework in one of 16 liberal arts areas.

16 Available Concentrations Art History Dance English Environmental Studies Foreign Languages (French & Spanish) Geography History Human Development (Early Childhood majors ONLY) Mathematics Music Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geological Sciences, & Physics) Political Science Theatre Urban Studies Women’s Studies

17 Relationships Among Courses: Major, Core, Concentration, and Required Related Required Related Core Concentration MAJOR

18 Student Teaching Some candidates will complete their student teaching experiences in the fall semester while others will complete them in the spring semester. To qualify for student teaching, candidates must have an overall GPA of 2.75, a major GPA of 2.75, and a concentration GPA of 2.75.

19 SOE Student Organizations Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Elementary and Secondary Education Association (ESEA) Geneseo Organization for Deaf Awareness (GODA) Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society (KDP) Young Children’s Council (YCC) Xerox Center for Multicultural Teacher Education

20 SOE Student Organizations Information about all these organizations and others on campus will be available at the Volunteer Fair in the spring. Watch your email for announcements!

21 Tests for Certification Required by New York State Stay tuned as NYS works to develop new testing requirements Be sure to seek out information at advising and seminars that will address this issue

22 Before you come for your advisement appointment today… Plan to arrive 20 minutes early, except for those of you who have a 10:15 appointment Per your pre-advisement planning instructions, know your top 3 favorite selections in the core areas, if you are not transferring these credits in. (Natural Science N/, Fine Arts F/, Social Science S/, and Non-Western M/) Think about what you are interested pursuing as a concentration During your appointment, we will generally try to schedule you into classes in the following areas: Natural Science with lab; Math 140 or 141; Fine Arts, Social Science and/or Non-Western; and a course in your concentration area. Many of you will likely have credit for one or more of these courses and we will then plan accordingly!

23 Reminder Students are responsible for knowing the rules expressed in the Undergraduate Bulletin, Master Schedule each semester, Student Teaching Handbook, and any other official documents of the School of Education.

24 Welcome to Geneseo!

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