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CURRENT STATUS AS OF JANUARY 2010 1 End-of-Course Assessments.

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1 CURRENT STATUS AS OF JANUARY 2010 1 End-of-Course Assessments

2 2 Required Tests  English II  Algebra I  Biology  Government

3 End-of-Course Assessments 3 Optional Tests  English I  Algebra II  Geometry  American History

4 End-of-Course Assessments 4 Testing windows Three large testing windows per year  Fall10/13/2009 –1/29/2010  Spring 03/01/2010 –5/28/2010  Summer06/16/2010 –8/31/2010

5 End-of-Course Assessments 5 Phase I Assessments  Include: English II, Algebra I, and Biology  Were the first group of EOC tests created  Became operational in Spring 2009  Required for AYP, APR and/or NCLB

6 End-of-Course Assessments 6 All Phase I Assessments  Have two sessions:  Session I –Selected Response Items  Session II – Performance Events (PE) or Writing Prompts (WP)

7 End-of-Course Assessments 7 Phase I, Session I Assessments  Have 47 selected response (multiple choice) items  Present students with a question followed by four response options  Are worth 35 points total

8 End-of-Course Assessments 8 Phase I, Session II Assessments  Require students to work through more complicated items  Make allowances for more than one approach to a correct answer  Allow insight into a student’s ability to apply knowledge and understanding to real-life situations

9 End-of-Course Assessments 9 Phase I, Session II Assessments Points are not the same for each content area  English II writing prompt is worth 4 points.  Algebra I PE is worth 4 points.  Biology PE is worth 20 points.

10 End-of-Course Assessments 10 Phase II Assessments  Include:English I, Algebra II, Geometry, American History, and Government  Were second group of EOC tests created  Became operational October 13, 2009

11 End-of-Course Assessments 11 Phase II Assessments  Government is the only required Phase II Assessment.  Government is required for APR.

12 End-of-Course Assessments 12 Online or Paper/Pencil Versions  All Phase I and Phase II Assessments are available in both versions.

13 End-of-Course Assessments 13 Cost to districts  All Phase I Assessments are $1.80 each.  All Phase II Assessments are free, including Government.

14 End-of-Course Assessments 14 Cost to districts  The districts are charged for each Phase I test ordered.  Additional Material Orders (AMOs) also require a purchase order number.  Districts are not charged for the 5% overage shipped to buildings.

15 End-of-Course Assessments 15 Phase II Assessments  Have selected response (SR) items only  English I has 52 items – 7 passages with 6 or 8 items each.  All other Phase II Assessments have 50 items each.  All are worth 40 points

16 End-of-Course Assessments 16 Phase III Assessments  All decisions about development of Phase III Assessments have been suspended at this time due to budgetary constraints.

17 End-of-Course Assessments 17 Scoring EOC  SR Items for both Phase I and Phase II Assessments are officially scored by Riverside Publishing immediately after testing.  Official SR scores are returned to the district within about 5 business days from receipt of tests.

18 End-of-Course Assessments 18 Scoring EOC  WPs and PEs are officially scored by the Assessment Resource Center (ARC) at a later time.  Unscored WP and PE items are scanned and electronic copies are returned to the district for local scoring about 5 business days from receipt of tests.

19 End-of-Course Assessments 19 Scoring EOC  Session I official scores and locally scored Session II results can be included in a student’s final grade.  DESE highly recommends that EOC Assessments be used as 10-25% of the students’ final grades.  The percentage is a district-level decision.

20 End-of-Course Assessments 20 Scoring EOC  Riverside Publishing sends two e-mails with attachments to the DTC – one for training and one for scoring.  Task Scoring Workshop and Teacher Interface have URLs, user names, and passwords.

21 End-of-Course Assessments 21 Scoring EOC  User names and passwords for Task Scoring Workshop and Teacher Interface allow teachers access to secure materials.  For security reasons, do NOT forward these e-mails to the STC or teachers until district testing is complete.

22 End-of-Course Assessments 22 Task Scoring Workshop  Web-based training material to help prepare teachers for the Teacher Interface scoring process  Includes anchor papers, training papers, and scoring rubrics  Password protected and available for a limited period of time

23 End-of-Course Assessments 23 Teacher Interface  Web-based software that contains official SR scores and unscored scanned copies of the PEs and WPs  Password protected and available for a limited period of time

24 End-of-Course Assessments 24 Group Information Sheets (GIS) for Phase I Assessments  Session I – A GIS accompanies answer sheets, which are shipped to Riverside Publishing for scoring.  Session II – A GIS accompanies the test books for the Performance Events (PE) or Writing Prompts (WP), which are shipped to Assessment Resource Center (ARC).

25 End-of-Course Assessments 25 Group Information Sheets (GIS) for Phase I Assessments  The GIS for Session I and Session II MUST match exactly.  If the match isn’t exact, the data returned to the districts will be significantly impacted in both Teacher Interface and the paper reports.

26 End-of-Course Assessments 26 EOC score results  Official scores for PEs and WPs arrive in the district in August.  Both Session I & II are combined into a Scale Score for Student Reports.  Official state scores will be used for AYP and APR.

27 End-of-Course Assessments 27 EOC score results AdvancedProficientBasicBelow Basic Subject Raw Score Cut Score Raw Score Cut Score Raw Score Cut Score Raw Score Cut Score Algebra I31-39225-25022-30200-22413-21177-1990-12100-176 Biology45-55225-25032-44200-22418-31177-1990-17100-176 English II33-39225-25024-32200-22415-23180-1990-14100-179

28 End-of-Course Assessments 28 EOC score results  Crystal Reports have breakdown of Session I and Session II scores.  Teachers will be able to compare their scored Session II assessments to the official state-scored Session II.

29 End-of-Course Assessments 29 EOC score results  For more understanding or questions about score results, appeals, interpreting AYP, APR, Title III Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs), please contact the Accountability, Data, and Accreditation Unit.

30 End-of-Course Assessments 30 Level Not Determined (LND)  For EOC Assessments, a district will receive a Level Not Determined (LND) for a student only if that student NEVER participates in a required EOC Assessment before they graduate.  EOC Assessments are not a graduation requirement.  The requirement begins with the graduating class of 2011.

31 End-of-Course Assessments 31 Lowest Obtainable Scale Score (LOSS)  Students who participate in an EOC Assessment receive scores.  A student receives the Lowest Obtainable Scale Score (LOSS) if a student’s test is invalidated for cheating or paraphrasing in any content area because they have participated in the test.

32 End-of-Course Assessments 32 Lowest Obtainable Scale Score (LOSS)  Additional LOSS Circumstances are described in the Accommodations chart found both in the Test Coordinator Manual and the Test Examiners Manuals

33 End-of-Course Assessments 33 Individualized Education Program (IEP)  Students who have an IEP with accommodations can be accommodated during testing.

34 End-of-Course Assessments 34 Changes and Updates  The “Not Enrolled” bubble is used for a student who begins any session of an EOC Assessment and moves either out of the district or from building to building within a district before finishing the entire assessment.  The sending school should keep documentation on file about the student’s move.

35 End-of-Course Assessments 35 Changes and Updates Linking barcode labels  Used when precoded student barcode labels contain any incorrect information or no barcode label was provided  Used for Phase I Assessments only so that Session I and Session II are linked together to the appropriate student

36 End-of-Course Assessments 36 Changes and Updates Linking barcode labels  Packaged with the scenario-specific instructions

37 End-of-Course Assessments 37 Changes and Updates  In the manuals and materials, EOC Assessments will be categorized as Phase I and Phase II.  Task Scoring Workshop and Teacher Interface information included in TCM

38 End-of-Course Assessments 38 Changes and Updates  The Test Examiner’s Manuals will be combined into two manuals  Phase I Test Examiner’s Manual  Phase II Test Examiner’s Manual

39 End-of-Course Assessments 39 Changes and Updates  Specific instructions are found in the middle of the Test Examiner’s Manual.  Dictionaries, thesauruses, and grammar handbooks can be used with the writing prompt for English II Session II. This includes a bilingual dictionary.

40 End-of-Course Assessments 40 Changes and Updates  Regarding the use of a calculator:  If the IEP says the student will use a graphing calculator or any other specific type of calculator, then the IEP must be followed.  For general education students, the district should follow the district, school, and/or class general education calculator usage policy that is in place for quizzes, benchmark tests, common assessments, chapter/unit tests, and/or finals on End-of-Course Assessments.

41 End-of-Course Assessments 41 Changes and Updates  When students are taking the online version of the test, do not mark a student as absent until the END of the district’s testing window.  English II will not have a stand alone field test this year. However, the Phase II GIS has a bubble for an English II field test. Please disregard.

42 End-of-Course Assessments 42 Changes and Updates  Instead of FORM numbers on each test, this year the tests have FORM letters.

43 End-of-Course Assessments 43 Overages for EOC Assessments  A 5% overage is sent to the buildings only and not to the district office.

44 End-of-Course Assessments 44 Released Items  Released test items can be found on the DESE website under the EOC Assessments.

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