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WebEx Confidential 1 Jan Sysmans Director Business Continuity Solutions March 18, 2008 Virtual Emergency Operations Centers (VEOC) Putting virtual communications.

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1 WebEx Confidential 1 Jan Sysmans Director Business Continuity Solutions March 18, 2008 Virtual Emergency Operations Centers (VEOC) Putting virtual communications to work

2 WebEx Confidential 2 Agenda Disclosure and Credits Introduction VEOC Virtual Communications VEOC Software is more then virtual communications The Big Questions Overall Goal Extra Bonus

3 WebEx Confidential 3 Disclosure

4 WebEx Confidential 4 Credit Where Credit Is Due VEOC as an industry term has been defined by Regina Phelps, an internationally recognized expert in the field of emergency management and contingency planning. Regina is the founder of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions.

5 WebEx Confidential 5 What is an Emergency Operation Center? © Kansas City EOC -- A physical predetermined location designed to provide direction, exercise control and manage critical incidents.

6 WebEx Confidential 6 Why Do Companies/Agencies Need an EOC CommandControl CommunicationCollaborationCoordination Consistency Source: Regina Phelps

7 WebEx Confidential 7 EOC Brings Together Planning & Coordination Of Emergency Response Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Crisis Communications EO C Source: Regina Phelps

8 WebEx Confidential 8 EOC Is Cross Functional Facilities and IT Safety Human Resources Finance Corporate Communications Sales Legal …

9 WebEx Confidential 9 What If…. The EOC is closed Your EOC members can’t get to the EOC Pandemic situation requires social distancing © NY Times Some of your EOC members are remote

10 WebEx Confidential 10 Virtual Emergency Operations Center Takes the EOC business process and moves it online

11 WebEx Confidential 11 The Good, Bad and Ugly of a VEOC

12 WebEx Confidential 12 Advantages of a VEOC No waiting Flexibility Location, location, location Redundancy Cost effective Efficient communication Timely resource deployment Safe in times of pandemic Source: Regina Phelps

13 WebEx Confidential 13 Disadvantages of a VEOC Dependent on utilities Dependent on technology Requires a very well defined process Virtual communication and collaboration is different than in- person Ongoing training and familiarity with the VEOC tool is required Source: Regina Phelps

14 WebEx Confidential 14 Word of Caution on VEOC A virtual EOC will not cure all ills. If your EOC processes and procedures were not well thought-out or well developed in the “real world,” the road to a virtual world will be fraught with obstacles. In other words, if the current EOC is a train-wreck, the virtual one will be a nightmare! Source: Regina Phelps

15 WebEx Confidential 15 EOC VEOC Best of Both Worlds

16 WebEx Confidential 16 Virtual (aka online) Communications

17 WebEx Confidential 17 Where To Start, What To Use?

18 WebEx Confidential 18 Different Components of Communications Synchronous Communications – Audio conferencing – Video conferencing – Web conferencing – Instant messaging – Employee notification – EOC team notification Asynchronous Communications – Corporate communications – Team rooms – Document management systems – Project management tools – Executive dashboards – Employee notification

19 WebEx Confidential 19 Virtual Communications -- What To Look For?

20 WebEx Confidential 20 Familiar and Used Daily No learning curve Part of business culture Pervasive “Don’t give me a red or blue pen when I’m used to writing in a black pen” -- CIO Arlington County

21 WebEx Confidential 21 Access and Mobility Available even when corporate infrastructure is not Easy to deploy Internet access, phone line and VPN

22 WebEx Confidential 22 Security, Reliability and Availability Independent Security Certifications – WebTrust, SAS-70 Type II, ISO,… End to End Encryption and Data Storage Policies Reliability and Scalability Availability and Global Reach

23 WebEx Confidential 23 VEOC Software; Its Not Only Communications 18 Ideal Features 1. Intuitive - minimal training. 2. Centralized command and control. 3. Messaging/communications function with tracking (notification system). 4. Secure data sharing over the Internet and other networks (LAN, WAN). 5. Event tracking and logging. 6. EOC plan check-off lists – automated checklists for all team positions. 7. Document response actions. 8. Resource management (with full database functionality). 9. Store multiple contact lists (employees, team members, critical vendors, key stakeholders). 10. Accessible via Internet, Intranet/VPN, wireless. 11. Able to restrict member participation as necessary. 12. Access to plans, maps, photographs. 13. Linking capability to access Internet sources for weather and event intelligence. 14. Hand-held compatibility. 15. Fully configurable and scalable (can grow and change with you). 16. Compatible with existing infrastructure, databases, software, and e-mail. 17. Status boards (static general board and team boards). 18. Able to accommodate Executive briefings. Source: Regina Phelps

24 WebEx Confidential 24 VEOC Is Only A Part Of The BC Puzzle

25 WebEx Confidential 25 The Big Questions Build or Buy Patchwork of standalone applications or Integrated solution On-premise or On-demand Custom application or Common application

26 WebEx Confidential 26 Overall Goal Has To Be To… …Transform Business Disruptions into Business-as-Usual™

27 WebEx Confidential 27 Extra Bonus

28 WebEx Confidential 28 Thank You Jan Sysmans Director Business Continuity Solutions Tel.: +1.408.566.7858

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