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Marking Paper Copy From Rude, Carolyn. Technical Editing, 4 th ed.

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1 Marking Paper Copy From Rude, Carolyn. Technical Editing, 4 th ed.

2 Editorial Markup Editorial markup consists of directions for the development and production of the document.

3 Placing marks on the page Be neat Make your marks easy to read Use standard markings Do not obscure correct type Use a bright-color pencil Remove stray marks Be consistent

4 WORDS AND LETTERS Markup Symbols

5 Delete Deleete Use the closeup mark, too, if the word could be spelled as two words

6 Delete, close Proof-reading proofreading

7 Delete a word In the the back In the back

8 Insert Inert Insert Place the caret beneath the line. Write what is to be inserted above the line.

9 Insert space Usually the line alone will suffice; use the space symbol if there could be a question.

10 Insert space Markup a text

11 Transpose Trasnpose Transpose If multiple transpositions in a word make the edited version difficult to read, delete the whole word and print the correction above it.

12 Close up Cl ose close

13 Capital letters ohio; ibm Ohio; IBM

14 Small caps 6 a. m. 6 A. M.

15 Lower case Federal federal

16 WORD Lower case, whole word FEDERAL federal

17 WORD Initial cap FEDERAL Federal

18 Word Italics or Roman type Star Wars Star Wars Underline to change type style from roman to italic or vice versa.

19 Word Boldface Emphasis

20 Superscript Masters degree Master’s degree A2 A 2 Use the superscript sign to identify apostrophes, quotation marks, or exponents

21 Subscript H20

22 Delete an underline Revelry

23 Spell out abbreviation or number 2 Two Circle an abbreviation or number you want spelled out. Spell the word as well as circling if the spelling may be in question.

24 or “Let it stand” Precede PrecedePrecede If you have edited in error or changed your mind, direct the compositor to set the copy in its original unedited form.

25 PUNCTUATION Markup Symbols

26 Period … forever …forever. Circle the period to call the compositor’s attention to this small mark. Do not circle other punctuation.

27 Comma Copper iron and silver Copper, iron, and silver Place an inverted caret over the comma. Do not place it over other punctuation.

28 Colon Following Following:

29 Semicolon Following Following; To create a semicolon from a comma or colon, draw in the dot or tail. Otherwise, simply insert the semicolon.

30 Parentheses 2002 (2002) The lines in the parentheses won’t be typeset, but they do reinforce your intent to include parentheses rather than other lines.

31 Brackets word [word] Be sure to square the lines if the writer has used parenthesis.

32 or Hyphen Light emitting diode Light-emitting diode The underline or checking of the hyphen reinforces your intent to include a hyphen.

33 Equal sign A B A = B Since the equal sign can look like the underlined hyphen, write eq by the mark and circle it to show that the information is an instruction.

34 or Em dash A pejorative - disparaging- word A pejorative– disparaging– word An em dash is as wide as the base of the capital M in the typesize and typeface used. It is used to set off parenthetical material or a break in thought.

35 or En dash 2000 01 2000 – 01 An en dash is as wide as the base of the capital letter N in the typeface and typesize used. Its primary use is in numbers expressed as a range.

36 SPACING, POSITION Markup Symbols

37 Begin a new paragraph … other features. The editor’s… …other features. The editor’s…

38 Begin a new line numbers; abbreviations; numbers; abbreviations;

39 Run together …form your marks. It is not time to express…

40 or Flush left or justify left The editor’s… Place the edge of the mark on the margin where text should move.

41 Justify right Book Title

42 Center Book Title

43 Ragged right ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ________________ __________________

44 Align ______________ __________________ ________________ __________________ ___________________ __________________

45 Indent one em ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ _________________ ___________________ ___________________

46 or Indent two ems ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ________________ ___________________ ___________________

47 Indent the whole block of text two ems _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________ _______________ _______________ _________________ ______________

48 Transpose a group of words Transpose of words a group Transpose a group of words

49 Close up vertical space …too many lines skipped. Close up vertical space.

50 Insert vertical space Heading Insufficient leading follows.

51 Set as a paragraph rather than as a list Numbers; abbreviations; and spelling

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